10 Personal Website Design Ideas to Grab Visitors Attention

If you need fresh personal website design ideas, it can mean two things. You are either building the first personal website of your own or you want your current project to perform better online. Either way, you will find this article useful as we have collected the most productive ideas that you can implement in your personal website within several days (if not hours). If this sounds promising to you, keep on reading.

Personal Website Design Ideas to Implement Right Now

One would think that the biggest problem about creating a personal website design is no coding skills. In fact, this is not quite true. The lack of expertise in web development can be easily compensated with personal page templates that contain visual editors, drag-and-drop admin panels etc. What can be a problem, though, is the lack of personal website design ideas to make your prospective website stand out among thousands of others. So, in our post, we want to offer you several unconventional ways of facilitating the online performance of your website to the fullest.

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Idea #1. Consistency

Modern website builders give unlimited opportunities for customizing any personal website. However, if you do not specialize in web design, be careful not to get carried away with this abundance. Your personal website has to look smart and innovative, not cluttered and visually disturbing.

Idea #2. Individuality

To stand out, your personal website design has to demonstrate who you really are. Yes, in our era of digitizing, one can create a fake identity within an hour. However, it will not work if you are planning to build a solid online presence.

Idea #3. Loading Speed

The first thing you need to learn about how to design a personal website is that modern online visitors are impatient. That is why test the loading speed of your personal website regularly to track any changes that might significantly affect your website performance.

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Idea #4. Blogging

If you add new information to your website on a regular basis, your website gets high Google (and other search engines) rankings. The more you write, the more online visitors you might attract. That is why make sure you start implementing these writing tips for beginners right after you add the blogging functionality to your website.

Idea #5. Feedback

Any feedback, be it a comment, a share on social media, or a direct request via a contact form, is important. Do your best to provide an appropriate reaction on the feedback s quickly as you can to engage your online audience in the fruitful communication.

Idea #6. Analytics

It makes sense to build your website with website builders that allow you to work with the integrated Google Analytics tools. This is the quickest way to examine your traffic potential and make appropriate adjustments in the early stages.

Idea #7. Interactivity

Successful personal web page examples demonstrate that it is a must to get interactive with your online visitors, especially those who prefer mobiles. For instance, use QR codes, one of the easiest mobile marketing practices to adopt, to keep open the channels of communication.

Idea #8. Psychology

Think of the emotions that you want to stur up with your personal website design, like confidence or inspiration. Once you get these emotions figured out, come up with the most suitable imagery and content for the best UX design.

Idea #9. Proud Boast

In the online world, only your content can persuade online visitors that your personal website is worthy of their attention. That is why improve your personal website by including as much information about your accomplishment as possible, with clients testimonials being your top choice.

Idea #10. Media

It is essential to create a personal website that contains a powerful media library. You never know how much heavy data you will need to use in your current online project, right?

How to Design a Personal Website: Inspirational Personal Website Design Ideas

Identiz Personal Portfolio Website Template

Identiz Personal Portfolio Website Template

If you need fresh personal website design ideas, Identiz is what you have been looking for. Elegant, highly efficient, and user-friendly, this template is packed with interactive widgets, e.g. Progress Bar, Disqus etc. Engage your prospective visitors in communication with visually attractive contact form and MailChimp easily!

Anna Solas Photographers Portfolio Website Template

Anna Solas Photographers Portfolio Website Template

Developed for creative professionals, Anna Solas belongs to premium personal website templates. Every detail in this template matters. For instance, fonts play a very important role in this personal web page design. View the live demo to see for yourself that different fonts can coexist and put an accent on the content of your personal website.

Carmen Personal Profile Website Template

Carmen Personal Profile Website Template

Creating a personal website with Carmen resembles a game for kids. Equipped with the Visual Editor, this template can be easily modified both in terms of layout and design. When choosing Carment, you get all stock photos included in the price. Which means, you can go online with your resume or CV within hours!

Max Paxton Freelance Writer Website Template

Max Paxton Freelance Writer Website Template

Max Paxton is a telling example of how you start creating a personal website and finish it all in one day. Thanks to the neat and neutral design, the soft color palette, and logical layout, this template is a perfect solution for any professional who wants to go online with their services. Enjoy the SEO-optimized and lightning fast personal website design that will bring traffic to your blog in no time!

Vlogger Landing Page Template

Vlogger Landing Page Template

If you have been sifting through personal website design ideas, you already know that the success of your future website depends on how quick and responsive it is. The good news is that with Vlogger, you can stop worrying about the performance and the loading speed of your prospective web project. Thanks to the powerful Media library, you will be able to present as much content to your online visitors and as quickly as you want.

Final Thoughts

Feel free to use the above-mentioned personal website design ideas to create the best personal web page design within the shortest terms!

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