UX Design – What it means and why you must pay special attention to it

User experience or UX is an often used term that everyone seems to know but only a few understand. User experience is paramount for website creation, and web designers have to make the best use of it to create high impacting and attractive websites. The literal meaning of the term might seem quite simple as it relates to the feeling of a person when he or she interacts with a system. However, there are several other dimensions to the user experience, which are reasons for its importance to designers. Website owners too have to comprehend it when they think about designing or redesigning websites. Only when you know well about user experience and how it affects web design, that you could explain your web designing needs to any web designing agency.

what is ux design

You might have constructive ideas about the kind of functionality you want to incorporate in the web design, but to explain it correctly to the web designing agencies, you must first know how to write a RFP or Request for Proposal. The agencies would evaluate your requirements mentioned in the RFP, understand your objectives, and assess how to translate it into a suitable design. Finally, they would offer a proper estimate or quotation for the job. The better you know how to provide a more satisfying experience for users better would be the design concepts that emerge from the brainstorming sessions.

The meaning of UX

To understand the importance of user experience (UX) try to recollect at least one lousy encounter online and things will be as clear as daylight. For a web designer, the highest satisfaction comes when he or she can create a customized and utterly tailor-made website for the targeted audience by knowing the ways of meeting their expectations of website usage. That is only possible by analyzing what users expect during their interaction with the website which typically represents user experience. The failure of any site to appeal to its targeted online audience will reflect poorly on the web design.

The need for UX Specialist

The success and failure of any online platform directly relate to user experience with good user experience making websites perform exceedingly well. User experience is one key factor that no one can dare to ignore, neither website owners nor web developers and designers. Nothing more matters to web designers than customer satisfaction because when customers are happy with any website, search engines pick it up as a positive signal that enhances search rankings. What do users normally expect from sites? Well, the site must be easy to operate, and navigation should be quite easy. Above all, users must be able to identify some advantage or unique benefit from the website. For websites to succeed, it must have a specific angle or unique selling point.

The trick lies in enhancing the usability of websites which only an expert developer who is also a UX specialist can offer. It is the responsibility of the UX specialist to ensure that all the components and content are relevant and valuable that compels users to take an interest in the website. How to make the web design more complete that offers a fulfilling experience to users is the task of the UX expert.

UX is Critically Important

At first sight, UX seems to be all about aesthetics from the perspective of website design and includes all components that make websites look attractive. To create websites likable just from its looks is essential because it makes users curious to explore it more regarding functionality. Once again, you have to make users happy by making websites perform according to their expectations. Thus UX is as much about aesthetics as about functionality.

  • UX plays a vital role about the development of digital resources of all kinds, and it acquires even more critical in the context of websites and applications, some specific corporate tasks and promoting the internet among young entrepreneurs.
  • UX is important because it helps to organize website design and content with an eye on satisfying users thereby helping to avoid untidy and chaotic web design.
  • UX helps to provide direction to users to help them navigate the website smoothly so that they discover their topic of interest comfortably and quickly.
  • UX for e-commerce websites is a bit more complicated because it has to meet the user expectations about satisfying browser experience and offer them a pleasing buying experience too.

Incorporating UX in Design

As a business owner, you might be wondering how you could construct suitable UX approaches for your website. As you can understand there are many facets of UX, and you must involve various specialists and encourage good cooperation so that they work closely together with the common objective of fixing challenges. Good teamwork is essential for creating good UX, and there has to be top class collaboration among team members to develop and achieve shared objectives, principles, visuals and more.

You have to determine what kind of feeling you want to generate among users with a certain type of website content. It could be anything ranging from delight, sympathy, fear, and guilt to surprise, affection, or shock. After determining the emotion that the content should generate you can start testing how useful it is. Judge if the feeling you are targeting is the right one for the occasion, and strong enough to elicit the desired response from users. Also, ascertain the benefits and whether the experience has a universal appeal. What is the brand appeal is also a factor to evaluate and how it fares in comparison to competitors.

UX is User Specific

It is not possible to create universal UX because every UX targets a specific audience. First, you have to determine what kind of response you want to generate and think about the UX accordingly. There is no one size fits all solution for UX. Since every website offers an experience that is very much its own, you cannot try to replicate it across other sites.

Knowing how to fulfill the specific desires of your target audience is the only way to create superb UX.

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