Mobile Marketing Practices Every Profit Based Businesses Should Adopt

As millennial are checking their phones 150 times every day and average person regardless of age might be spending 5 hours every day on the smartphone. So, it is not hard to state that mobile devices are actually entrenching today’s leading media pretty well. By the year 2019, mobile advertising is defined to be representing 72% of all the US digital advertising.

This is going to be applied on all e-commerce sites. Even some of the product review sites like Best Advisor or Yelp are definitely in that mix. The message is that if you are actually not being smart about reaching customers through mobile, you are actually leaving a lot of money on table. So, the main question over here is how you can be proven smart. There are some proven ways and marketing practices, which every company should adopt in this current age of the mobile moment.

sms mobile marketing Practices

Dealing with location based marketing

The current era of the location based marketing is all set and here. Businesses are currently sending customers some notifications when they actually pass any store and promotions whenever they are near any strategic locations. This location is mainly that area where the brand’s services or products are meant to be useful in nature.

  • In this section, Foursquare just released the Foursquare Analytics, which will help in granting clients businesses and even marketers access to some of the location intelligence and even technology for over 90 million geo fenced locations around world.
  • The company has further moved forward by moving to integrate Uber into the current system. It enables the users to both discover places to go and then get there, with the help of same app.
  • Moreover, users can now get the chance to order ride from inside Foursquare City Guide without the need of switching applications. There is no need to just type in address, then look up directions or just struggle through some translations now.

The area of SMS marketing

Mobile based text marketing is the main focus of multiple misconceptions. However, around with 91% of the millennials text messaging on a weekly basis, marketing seems essential. The same goes with church text messaging as well. Most of the corporations, which include Coca Cola and, Walmart and even similar such bigger brands have already integrated the art of text messaging into the current mobile based marketing strategies.

  • For example, whenever a Domino’s pizza franchise located in North Carolina wants to improve ad at college sports games, it will turned to EZ Texting. It is a short message based marketing services or SMS.
  • Some of the previous campaigns had already displayed Domino’s website address in the advertisements, but the franchise can always found that most of the fans don’t even bother jotting down URL during any basketball game.
  • In response to that, Domino’s reconfigured the new advertisement just to tell viewers to text any certain number for getting discounted or free pizza. It helps in sky rocketing the response to a great extent.

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So, it is actually not that difficult to state that SMS marketing has its share of benefit in this field of mobile marketing. As most people are quick enough to check any text message within the first 3 minutes, therefore; chances are high that you can grow your business even better through SMS texting. When compared to email marketing, SMS ones are fast forward, quicker and takes quite a less bit of time to be honest.

Going for in-app marketing:

Google Play mainly offers you with 2.8 million apps, which Apple has 2.2 million in its store. With such an intense form of competition, apps must always offer some of the most personalized services possible or even risk being ditched. In the current app, marketing fuels engagement and relevance, which can help in driving retention, lifetime value and loyalty.

  • For capitalizing on this current deluge of the newer app users, banks have turned towards in-app marketing platform for allowing marketers to create and then publish targeted campaigns in a quick manner, independent of the current development resources.
  • It can further help in deploying the contextual campaigns around national holiday and also other targeted promotions, which are directly addressed in app. This can always result in immediate uptick in retention and conversions.

Mobile marketing based measurements:

Mobile based ad revenue recently has just surpassed the amount, which was otherwise spent on the desktop ad revenue. With so many dollars, in billions, dedicated in reaching out to customers on mobile devices, a scientific approach to the field of mobile marketing has become quite a necessity.

  • Apps Flyer has illustrated this current approach. It is a marketing data analytics and mobile Attribution Company which helps marketers to pinpoint target and even optimize ad spend and then boost ROI.
  • You can take the example of Game Circus for better understanding, who is mainly creators of smash hit mobile video game, also known as Coin Dozer. Without the correct data, mobile game developers will have difficulty in reacting quick to some changes in market or even determining if quality of users generated by some ad channels was actually improving or declining with time.
  • Then the marketing team took the responsibility to take actions. It starts using Apps Flyer for linking attribution data to LTV metric sand engagements as monitoring at campaign or game level. It helps Coin Dazer to gain 2.3 times increase in the total install and over 40% increase in the gross profit.

Focusing on QR codes:

One best way to offer relevant information to mobile users is through QR codes. These codes will act as shortcuts for procuring valuable information into hands of prospects and customers. QR codes are mainly versatile in nature and will function as FB’s “like” button and also for offering coupons. It will provide tourists with information and help them perform multiple functions.

These are few of the many ways in which mobile marketing can help improve your business growth. Even though SMS marketing is a proven way to address best results, but giving other points a try is also viable sometimes.

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