How to Market Your Smartphone App? Use this simple steps

Are you one of those, who never let his /her eyes goes off from your Smartphone, if yes you are not alone. People all over the world prefer Mobile phones over laptops as they are becoming powerful day by day. That day is not far when Mobiles will become more powerful than computers and they will replace computers from the day to day life of common peoples.

As Demand for mobiles is all time high so the content targeting for mobile phones. Right now, there are two major players in the mobile industry, it is Android and iPhone. Android has control over huge part of the market and iPhone has access over the minor part of the market. Android despite of its long lawsuit against Java, It is an Open source which allowed community developers to make it better and many developers have contributed to the development program. While in iPhones the case is different, iPhones comes with iOS which is an iPhone only OS so it was unable to influence much developers.

So as we are sure mobile is the platform for Advertising, we have to expand out horizons and think how we are going to approach and target them without our contents and ads. So here are the few ways to do it.

Make your Website Mobile Friendly

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If you have used a single site in Desktop or Laptop and mobile on the same time, you have noticed they differ in Style. It is what called Responsive design. It is the feature which makes sites friendly to all types of devices. Let’s say Google and Facebook, you see the site is different for both of them so it is necessary to have a responsive design on the website. There are several mobile Agency apps but it is quite necessary to make the site good enough as they matter more than apps.

Making the site mobile friendly don’t require you to take more loads, simple work on CSS will make the site perfect. To test your site how its look in portable devices better use your android phone or you can also several sites which allows you to check your site.

Apps must be bug free before released

It is very necessary to ensure the apps are 100% bug-free, before you release them in Play Store or Apple App Store so a single review can put a bad impression in the Clients mind. Mostly Developer tools like Android Studio and Swift studio comes with debuggers as well as emulators to run the apps. Use them as much as you can and make it worthy of the market and it should support most of the devices.

Hire an IT Security expert

It is very much necessary to hire a security expert for your app. They may come with a big price tag but they are really helpful. They will find out if you got a security issue in your app, you will find a good expert online as a freelancer and they will surely find all the vulnerabilities in your app. Do this if you are creating app for a big company else there is no use of it.

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    Nice post as always. You have provided some effective tips on how to promote smartphone app. Yes, it is very necessary to have a responsive website design that can be accessed through desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. App design must be user-friendly and have a simple user interface, so that any person can easily access your smartphone app. Security is very necessary for your smartphone app to protect your customer’s data.

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