Digital Marketing in India

Today, as Digital Marketing is encompassing us by the medium of entertainment, it is becoming a way of making money for the common man too. The common folk who used to be merely the customers and users, have realized the true power of the Internet and are slowly learning about the way the Internet works.

There are a lot of reasons why Digital Marketing has been very successful:

  • It is cheaper than door-to-door marketing.
  • Digital Marketing impacts a customer quickly.
  • Digital Marketing offers global reach in one go.
  • Easier Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Budget friendly.


digital marketing in India

Digital Marketing is the use of social media/digital tools like mobile phones, display advertising and more to promote the goods and services.

There are many ways to do it. The companies can control the way the search results are displayed to the users according to their searches and for doing this, the main kinds of online marketing methods which are mostly used are: paid or free type marketing.

The paid type of digital marketing is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which involves the use of paid promotion in the form of Keyword Bidding and the income is generated by Cost-per-Click (CPC) method.

Whereas, the companies can also use the cost-free online marketing method which is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this kind of marketing, the search results are optimized by the keyword analysis by observing the trends of popular keywords.

India and Digital Marketing

In India, digital marketing is a fast growing industry. Many of the e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra and more have made India as their digital battlefield. The Digital Marketing has been very popular among the youngsters and due to the increasing interest of the masses towards this sector, the people are being educated about this.

Many of the students from the engineering colleges in Gurgaon have been showing the interest in this field. Not only from here, in fact the youth brigade of India is very keen to embrace this field.

The existing framework of education is already compatible to help this domain of digital marketing move forward in the right direction. There have been plenty of courses with strong curriculum whose existing technical know-how can be used to kickstart this field.

For instance, the course in Digital Communications can be very essential to operate the online campaigns of a company. Likewise, the other specializations in M.Tech like Digital Systems, Digital Electronics and more.

There are many other digital promotion techniques that are effective. These methods are:

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Many companies lure the customers by sending E-mails about their products. They can be spam or can be solicited. These form a very strong customer base for the companies that have existing subscribers. If a marketer knows how to write an E-Mail, he/ she can certainly be successful in creating popularity for his/ her company.

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Social Media Marketing

Today, the names like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat have become a part of our daily life. These platforms are being targeted by the companies to get more and more traffic on to their website.

The sponsored advertisements that we see on these platforms are the key factors that are useful in attracting the users from the social media. As a big part of the Indian youth actively uses these platforms, this is one of the strongest targeting zone for the marketers.

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Content Marketing

The content marketing is the most popular and comparatively easier type of marketing that is prevalent these days. In this type of Marketing, the developers have to frame the content which is relevant to the product and service which they have to sell.

The content can be generic or it can be technical as per the requirements of the marketer. This is the simplest form of marketing but if it is done with proper strategy, it can be one of the most profitable method of marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is an online sales strategy in which a product owner lets the other affiliates target the same audience with its products and services. These affiliates don’t manufacture their own product, but if they sell the goods or services to the consumer, these affiliates are rewarded with commission.

For being an affiliate marketer, you need to have your own website. But, it should be kept in the mind that the commission will only be earned by the affiliates if the consumer conversion takes place.

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Mobile Marketing

There are many websites that are popular among the consumers. These companies know that majority of the public use smartphones more frequently as compared to the computers. Due to the fact that the world is shrinking with the use of technology, they have to target the mobile users too.

Hence the big marketers develop the mobile friendly versions of these websites to be more accessible for the users. To reach the consumers even more effectively, mobile apps have been developed for the popular websites. For example: Dominos, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc.


Different enterprises which have different kinds of marketing requirements can use these tactics according to their suitability. There are many other tactics also to do promotion via online platform.

The Digital marketing Platform has a lot of scope in India and with the large population, India is a gold mine for the Digital Marketing tycoons. There has been a consistent development in this sector and even more is yet to come.

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