Top 6 Web Design Trends that will Change the Course of Future Design Industry in 2019

The world of web designing is many things, artistic, imaginative, expressive and much more but you can rest assured that it is not static. It keeps on changing, and evolving I should add, like seasons on a weather calendar.

Every year you witness new web designing trends and same is the case for 2019. It is truly a struggle to keep yourself aligned with the latest trends of web designing, every few weeks you will see a new designing trend becoming popular among web designers or an old one popping back up as if it never went away but that is the nature of art as it is cyclic, yes it evolves but that does not mean you will not see a shade of old in the new.


The emergence of new technology and search engines now moving towards “user-intent” have been factors in the latest changes in web designs and designing techniques. Where the technology have offered a platform to do something new and wonderful the requirements of users and consumers have made designers think more about creating something for the future.

Here we will be talking about how some of the latest and top design trends of 2019 which are being used by designers and are thought to be the future of design industry.

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1. Scroll trigger animations

This is an interesting design trend we have decided to kick off our trends list with. Since the past few months or you can go back a year or so, we have lately witnessed an increase in popularity of scroll animation. This is where you as users are encouraged to just scroll down through the page to see their entire services or products.

It is a perfect design technique which shows skill and craftsmanship which provides for very engaging web sessions for users. Many digital service website are opting for this design technique as it seems a more tech-savvy design.

This is so modern and catching to the eye that in we believe this one is going to make some noise in the future.

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2. Nostalgic Retro designs

Like we mentioned before of adding old to the new is attractive to many people. These old retro designs are meant to bring users back to the good old days, and believe us so many users get engaged with just a little hint of nostalgia.

These nostalgic retro designs are meant to create a balance between now and older designs. This is where designers use colors and typography trends of the past times to craft designs reminiscent of old times.

What is amazing about these designs is the fact that their popularity is on the rise and at the moment it is bound to increase.

3. Emergence of progressive web apps (PWA)

This is all about taking the best of the technology advancements and how the focus of design trends is shifting towards providing the best for mobile sites and apps.

In this category, PWA has proven to be a wonderful and powerful concept. This design concept is based on the adoption of HTML 5 allowing you to provide similar functions and same great user experience.

4. RAIL concept is here

The Response animation idle load or simply RAIL concept is here to stay. It first emerged in 2015 and has been on a steady rise since then but now in 2019 it has really started to speak. This is a performance-based concept providing fast load time, less than one second to be exact, and delivers great user experience. It is quite handy for designers who go for the user-centric approach.

It has also been adopted a lot lately by eCommerce website and have been a very popular Magento website design.

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5. Abstract shapes in designs

People now love the use of abstract shapes in designs, where abstract shapes provide an extra level of engagement for users. In this designers go about guiding elements, framing components and crafting anything to attract the users. It is all about using the right geometrical shapes in web designs to create something intriguing.

6. Mobile Responsive Designs

One important trend which is bound to stay for a very long time is the responsiveness of web designs, and we mean any web design, on mobile devices. With Google going for “mobile-first indexing” it is clear that anything not responding on mobile devices will not last long.

With mobile traffic constitution almost 70% of all web traffic, search engines want website designers and owners to focus on creating mobile responsive web designs. So make sure your web designs are responsive on mobile devices.

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