26+ Remarkable and Unique Web Design Layouts and Template Ideas by Netflayo

We've noticed some attractive web design layouts from thousands of creative website templates, homepage design ideas and website layout examples through Dribbble. These web page designs are remarkable and designed by Netflayo (specialize in web design and ui/ux).

Today, we would love to show you some examples of perfection and unique web design layouts that takes a different approach so you can design your next website design project with more passion.

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Whether you are a skilled or unskilled website designer, but whenever you are going to designing a website you expect a nice homepage design templates at the end of the day that break the mold, without shattering the client's expectations.

The homepage likely to be the first page that visitors will see when they land on your website so it is arguably the most important page of the website. First impressions are the most lasting, for that we always consider best typography, color themes and impressive web design layouts.

Web design industry is growing and in the same amount of user's expectations are growing for their websites. Because a bad web design user interface (UI) get lost in the crowd of other websites and platform. But with the use of right web design tools and perfect user experience integration, it will be easy for you to stand out in the competition.

There are also some amazing web design inspiration sites like Behance, Dribbble, Designspiration etc. which are the great source of creativity.

However, creating a unique or just redesign a website from scratch really is a daunting task. Sometimes it's real hard to choice web page design ideas or web design layouts that takes your web design in right directions. Well, on Thehotskills, a well established web design inspiration gallery on the internet, we don't want any designer or folk to be without inspiration.

Therefore, just like our previous best landing page design inspiration post, we have once again handpicked real best web design layout ideas after spending a lot time on internet and resources. The only one thing you have to do with our listed website layout examples is just explore, analyze and get some web page design ideas that you can develop further in your future projects.

Now, it's time to get inspired with some beautiful and creative web design layouts

Booking.com - Website Concept

website layout examples

Zoo - Web Design Layout

creative website layouts

Netflix - New Website Concept

website layout tips

B. Design Studio - Website Design Layout

homepage design ideas

Apple - Creative Website Concept

homepage design templates

Edifier - Creative Homepage Design Ideas

web page design ideas

Talk. - Homepage Re-designed

simple website layouts

Deadpool - Homepage Design Template

website layout html

Nike - E-commerce Web Design

design page layout

Culinary recipes - Website Design Idea

website layout templates

Tesla - Website Concept

best web page design

Music Player - Web Desig Concept

creative websites templates

Spalding - Website Layout Design

new ideas for websites

Sensee - Website Design

page layout graphic design

IKEA - New Website Concept

new website trends 2018

Emirates Airline - Web Page Layout

modern website design examples

Wooden Furniture - Website Design

page layout design templates

VISA - Creative Website Concept

best home page templates

Plantwear - Simple Web Design Concept

content layout design

JBL - New Concept Design

unique website concepts

Starbucks - Website Lauout

website design layout template

National Geographic - New Website Idea

unique website design templates

Oakley - Website Concept

web design layout best practices

Sunset Restaurant - Website

web design layout inspiration

On-line courses - Website

web design layout examples

Brazil - Website Concept

simple web design layout ideas

At last, we hope you have got a lot of inspiration and have an idea of how you will integrate your next website design with above listed web design layout ideas. Let us know what you thought of these choices. Also, explore our amazing list of best web design blogs 2018 for more design relevant information.

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