What Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Software Development Methodology

Many things need to be considered when you are trying to find out the right kind of software development methodology for your project. We are going to discuss the criteria, and they are mandatory. You need to do a careful analysis in order to minimize the negative consequences.

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Another essential factor that must be considered before choosing the software development methodology would be the project’s size. If the project is large, it is better to go for Waterfall. It is because few apps demand longer testing times because of the requirements and size.

Another aspect to address would be the cost of delays, and not doing so could result in many problems. If you need more time and funding for developing the application, it needs to be considered.

When you want positive outcomes for your project, it is crucial to have feedback. You also need to know ways of avoiding consequences that may not give you the results you need. You have to think about the abilities of your team in providing feedback. Some software development methodologies and applications will require more feedback as compared to others depending on the size and complexity of the project.

When you think of hiring the services of Intetics, software development methodology is something you cannot ignore. Before beginning the project, you will have to choose between traditional or latest software development methodology. The seven things that you have to keep in mind include:

  • the project’s requirements
  • the final result that you are expecting when the project ends
  • the feedback you want after finishing work
  • the extent of change that is desired
  • costs of delay
  • the project team’s experience in working with the methodology
  • the size of the project

Types of Methodologies

Before you make your choice, we are going to give an overview of the popular software development methodologies along with their pros and cons:

Waterfall Software Development Methodology

It is a traditional methodology where the process is clarified using a linear flow that allows users to understand that the next levels are activated when the previous one is completed.


  • Functional and easy to comprehend
  • Model’s rigidity makes its simple to handle
  • Saves time
  • Easy to test and analyse


  • Matched precise needs only
  • Not appropriate for maintenance projects
  • Cannot know the project’s item
  • Not best for ongoing and long projects

Agile Software Development Methodology

It is an innovative methodology that allows the articulation of well-organized project management that leaves room for recurrent alterations. Such a method can be adopted when you undertake many software engineering projects.

Agile methodology is quite helpful in minimizing peril because it creates software in iterations or short time boxes.


  • An adaptive approach that is flexible to changes
  • Can maintain transparency through direct communication
  • Quality is improved because of detecting faults early in the process


  • Lacks documentation efficiency
  • Focuses more on working with software
  • Off-track outcomes are not clearly available

Scrum Software Development Methodology

It is a method that is best for development projects that have extremely developing or constantly altering in requirements.


  • Team makes the decision
  • Business requirement document isn’t significant
  • Lightly controlled method that emphasises on constant updating


  • Wavering costs may make the processing method suffer
  • No applicable for big sized projects
  • A highly expert team needed

Extreme Programming Software Development Methodology

It is a methodology that involves customers in the customer development process, and their participation is unbelievable high. It is used to craft software in an unbalanced atmosphere. It has greater tractability in the modelling procedure. XY software development methodology is used for reducing the cost of the essentialities of software.


  • Focus is on customer involvement
  • Established rational schedules and plans
  • Developers are very committed to the project
  • Modernistic methods are used for quality software


  • The people will decide the effectiveness
  • Frequent meeting for development is necessary which raises costs
  • Changes in the necessitates for excessive development
  • Future outcomes and exact possibilities are unknown

Do your research on the different methodologies and cross-check them with the pointers mentioned in this article in order to find the best match for your project.

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