How small businesses can prepare to use Instagram for business promotion effectively

To taste success in digital marketing, you must explore all online channels that improve marketing prospects and drive traffic to your website. Have a flexible attitude in adapting any channel of marketing that can be rewarding instead of hoping SEO to do all for you. In this regard, you must use social media channels for promoting your business because although social media channels are not ideal platforms for selling, it can boost SEO in many ways. That is the reason why marketers have started using social media in tandem with SEO for more marketing gains.

While all social media channels hold good prospects for promoting business, you must select the ones where you would find the majority of your target audience hanging around. Considering that Instagram accounts for 4 million posts every day, it is likely that you would find most of your target audience on Instagram. You can use your smart marketing understanding to convert the engagement on the platform to real paying customers. Instagram is excellent for promoting small business, but you have to learn the ropes for making the best use of the platform. Besides the high level of engagement, Instagram is attractive for online marketers due to its user-friendly features. Eager to take your business on Instagram? Go through this article to know what should be the right approach to launch an effective marketing campaign on Instagram.

Set your goals with clarity

What you want to derive from social media and how you could integrate the gains from the social media would be the guiding parameters for setting your goals. Every marketing campaign has goals that you want to achieve and launching a marketing campaign on Instagram is no different. Considering that you want to increase revenue by showcasing your business on Instagram, the goals that you set for reaching the summit could consist of the following.

Goals are like stepping stones that take you closer to the summit. Since social media is a place to exhibit your business, increasing brand awareness could be the primary goal. Close at its heels comes other purposes like creating more engagement with the brand, acquiring leads, growing a community and driving more traffic to your website. The objectives are interlinked, and you must achieve it in sequence, or else it will upset the cart. Trying to accomplish too much in a short time could only prove counterproductive. Have patience and build the campaign block by block. As you cross each goal the confidence keeps growing as results show up.

Now that you have the goals in place, it is time to focus on creating Instagram strategies because strategies revolve around goals.

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Narrowly focused strategies

Once you are ready to uphold your business on Instagram, you must create a particular focus on the section of the audience you want to target. You cannot aimlessly keep running after the audience without knowing how much beneficial it would be for your business. As you know your audience, create a few customer personas about 5 to 10 and these become your specific targets among the sea of an audience. It helps to narrow down your focus so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Shorten the list of customer personas further and try to work with only 2 or 3 persons that have the highest prospects of conversion. Build an Instagram strategy around these customer personas.

Focus on competition

To have an idea about what strategies might work; look at what your competitors are doing. You can pick up matching ideas that can work well for you too and even keep away from the failures that they have faced. By using suitable analytical tools, you can delve into Instagram competitor analysis that would help to identify pointers around which you can build your strategies. Since you are taking a leaf out from the competitor’s book, you are more confident about moving along the right track. To make the task easy, you can seek guidance from some digital marketing agency like Kotton Grammer Media.

Create a content strategy

Since Instagram is an out and out visual media that only allow the use of images and videos, you have to know what kind of content you must create for the customer personas your target. Research the audience thoroughly to decide what type of content they would like and how you can maintain visual consistency when creating content. The audience research should also help to determine the frequency of publishing content so that you can finalize a publishing schedule. You should know the right times for uploading content on Instagram. For creating closer engagement with the audience, you might prefer real-time interaction and should remember the times when the target audience is most active on the platform. How you will be managing content and how to choose hashtags to connect with the audience should all be part of the content strategy.

Be flexible to adapt and change

The strategies you develop should not be so rigid that it appears as if carved in stone. Be flexible in making changes whenever required but not too often, as it would mean that your strategies are too deficient. Keep reviewing performance and evaluate how well the policies are working so that you can change and adopt new things that could give better results. Implement strategies on a small scale and then depending on its effectiveness, keep scaling up.

Establish your identity

Create a tone and tenor of your campaign that bears the distinct marks of your personality or brand and makes it easy to locate it in a crowd. By looking at your Instagram page, people should be able to tell that it is you. The looks become integrated with your business and brand. Create a certain vibe by using specific colors and develop a cohesive style of presenting your business consistently.

Instead of being disruptive to the audience by forcing your campaign on them, join the community, be one of them and see how effortlessly your business touches them and evokes positive responses.

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