Top Free High PR Business Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Are you looking for directory submission sites to get real traffic and better ranking on search engines? If yes, then your quarries will-be end here after reading this post.

Directory Submission Sites List -“Old Is Gold” SEO Tactic

Once designed and coded, the ranking is an important pending and very last process to establish your website on the internet. That can be possible through SEO optimization, social media and email marketing. But by submitting your website link on directory submission websites not only improve your web presence, also generate more traffic to your site for a long duration. For startups, directory submission is the best way to create awareness and also increase the flow of sales.

After, sharing social bookmarking sites list, we once again want to present the collection of best directory submission sites. So you can submit your website and get high-quality backlinks from several sources without killing much time. Before checking the listing, let’s explore some really important factors of free directory submission websites that you should know in 2018.

What are Directory Submission Websites?

In simple words, directory submission websites are the type of portals that stock businesses with their complete details and backlinks. These directories sites allow users to submit their website url with full information under a specific category relevant to their business. If used wisely, these directories are very helpful to increase domain authority and assist you to get more traffic from major search engines.

Are Directory Submission Sites Beneficial in SEO 2018?

Yup! They are valuable. Directory submission is truly one of the old but gold SEO tacts that always work and payback for your efforts. Below are some best benefits of using directory submission sites regularly.

Fast the Index Process

For a new website index will be slow or not done by search bots. But with the submission of your site URL to a directory, your website will get quicker and guaranteed indexed in the search engines. Through directories, Search engines find your web content or site by following the links that you submitted.

Increase Backlinks for Website

These websites, without doubt, give you the leads in term of SEO & link diversity. Search engines always judge a platform’s ranking on the number of external links coming from different sources. So directory submission is an easier way to create quality links for your website. Just make sure to only select directory websites with higher domain authority to get the best return.

Rank You Better on Search Engines

By submitting URL of your site on top directory websites, there is a possibility that your website will get great online exposure in such a little time. As using directory sites, is the best tactic to earn natural do-follow backlinks that search engines love and in return, they rank up your website.

Serve You with More Traffic

People visit these directories to find a business solution that is great to list your site here to generate targeted traffic. Moreover, with using right content & targeted keywords in your submission chances are that your listing will display on the first page of search results. This will also serve even more web traffic.

Be cautious while you are on Directory Submission Sites!

While surfing on directory submission sites, you have to follow rules of that website. But below are our recommended precautions that you can easily implement while on directory submission site to get best results.

  • Try to make your content search engines friendly by integrating different terms such as your main keyword, brand name, similar domain name and related keywords etc. in the title & description.
  • Don’t waste time with unfamiliar directories. Always, ensure that the directory itself is indexed & cached by search engines bots. There is no point to use an un-indexed directory.
  • Always make your submission in different kinds of directories such as niche, general, regional, industry-specific, country-specific etc.
  • Don’t create spam signals for search engines by using automated submission tools. Make your submissions flow natural & manual or use manually submission service provider to all directories.
  • Also, prefer other SEO methods such as infographics makers, guest posting etc. alongside. Never just only rely on single directory submission websites.

Updated List Of Directory Submission Sites 2018

After with all talks, now it’s time to check out our listing of free best directory submission sites with quick approval having high domain and page authority.

Have a look & Enjoy!

Do you have more directory submission sites in 2018 with high PA or DA, please share with us all in the comments below!

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