Go Viral! Top Free Infographics Submission Sites List 2018 (Instant Approval)

Are you looking for Top Infographic Submission Sites List 2018? No doubts, infographic submission is the single easiest and the best way to earning high quality backlinks from well-established platforms.

An infographic is made of visual images like diagrams or charts that represent difficult data or information in a quick and easier way to consumed by the users of every level. When done correctly, they can become a great source for generating quality traffic and engage viewers. In fact, with a remarkable and valuable infographic, you can really attract a high number of special users to your website.

Maybe with these words, you will be excited and want to start to create your own infographic. However, if you make it, it would not possibly come into the search results or not get the attention what it deserves. Simple answer… your infographic should be informative and engaging.

Create Infographic for Top Infographic Submission Sites List

infographic designing website

You can use free infographic tools like Canva to create high appealing infographic design. Canva.com is an amazingly simple graphic design online software. There are thousands of templates available, you just need to edit the same according to your information.

But… if you are not good in designing or don’t have time to invest in creating infographic then here is another solution which helps you a lot. Sign up for  Fiverr.com and get hired someone for design an infographic for you.

hire freelancer for infographic design

Fiverr.com is would’s best marketplace to find best freelancers in very low rates (Starting from $5.00 only). As I said, your infographic should be engaging so I don’t think $5 investment will increase your weekly expenses.

Investing in the own business, give you a lot of benefits in future.

Go Viral with Infographic Submission Sites List

Basically, an infographic gets viral by nature or by reaching a huge amount of audience and that can be possible through the process of submission on the top infographic sites, directories or blogs.

This will help your infographic to quickly share and spread all over the internet with the bigger reach, at the same time gain SEO benefits such as social signals and backlinks.

But again for that, your infographic should be valuable and useful to create a symbiotic relationship and assist both, you, visitors and also the owner of that source.

And also here is the one more thing that I want to clarify!

Infographic has Hugh SEO Value

A false belief is being created regarding the infographics that they don’t have any SEO value. Though it’s correct that search engines can’t recognize the content in your infographics, but the audience can.

An infographic can beneficial for an SEO campaign if it’s shared rightly because the main aspect of SEO is having a great number of quality sources of inbound links that direct users to your website. And infographics can do such an effort efficiently.

Well, the internet is full of with the infographic submission websites but it would be hard to find some best or high PR sources.

Hence here I have over 20 websites that showcase infographics on their site, Now use these platforms for submission and get the most exposure, backlinks and traffic to your website or infographics in 2018.

Let’s dive in:

  1. www.flickr.com
  2. www.pinterest.com
  3. www.visual.ly
  4. www.slideshare.net
  5. www.infographicsshowcase.com
  6. www.reddit.com/r/infographics
  7. www.infographaholic.tumblr.com
  8. www.dailystatistic.com
  9. www.bestinfographics.info
  10. www.infographicportal.com
  11. www.infographicsinspiration.com/infographic-submissions
  12. www.allinfographics.org
  13. www.datavisualizations.tumblr.com
  14. www.elearninginfographics.com
  15. www.infographic-directory.com
  16. www.bestinfographics.co
  17. www.infographicjournal.com
  18. www.infographicplaza.com
  19. www.amazinginfographics.com
  20. www.visulattic.com
  21. www.infographic.ca

Please Contribute

If you think, there is any best infographic submission website that we missed… Please share the link in the comments section. Also, please share your experience with our audience about infographic submissions. Please appreciate my efforts by sharing this article if you like it.

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