Using Art of Instagram in Email Marketing to Boost Social Media Marketing Efforts

Instagram In Email Marketing To Boost Social Media Marketing Efforts

Integrating email marketing with Instagram is an art and if only you can do it well you will be able make the best of or even cover up your social media efforts. It will help you to grow your list of email subscribers and your business by following the multiple strategies.

Social media and email are never like it was before given the technological advancement and inclusion of Instagram in it. Combining these two strategies will help you to:

  • Flourish your business
  • Leverage your messages well
  • Gain more benefits and followers for Instagram
  • Extend the reach of your posts and mails
  • Recognize the industry trends followed by the stalwarts and
  • Focus more on Instagram and email strategies to follow.

Therefore, if you want to make the best out of email marketing which primarily focus on lead nurturing and customer acquisitions, integrating Instagram with it will create a better marketing opportunity to take your business to an entirely new height.

Ideally, integrating Instagram and email marketing is the best way to promote the word of mouth marketing strategy which even today plays the most significant role. It will help in enhancing the marketing metrics, create new opportunities to reach out to the new and old customers, and engage with them both.

Scalable marketing goals

Instagram In Email Marketing To Boost Social Media Marketing Efforts

One of the most significant aspect of the integration of email marketing with Instagram is that it will help you to achieve your marketing goals much more easily. This is because it will make the goals much more scalable. Why, you may ask. This is because the email contents will be much more personalized and automated. This will ensure that:

  • You send automatic messages to your customers
  • Use the in-app messages
  • Send push notifications according to the real-time behavioral generators of your customers.

This will not only ensure that you send the right message to the right people that matters but also make those message resonate with them and their needs. For this you will need to:

  • Target the right people depending on their demographics and behavior on your site
  • Send the messages at the right time
  • Automate the posting schedule so that the recipients get these messages at the time when they are active and you want them to
  • Create a more powerful campaign with more personalized content and
  • Create a set pf dynamic contents based on their behavior so that you can maximize the impact through the channel.

Therefore, set the rules correctly so that you can optimize the potential find better ways to communicate with your customers through a direct line of communication.

Top email marketing hashtags to use

Instagram In Email Marketing To Boost Social Media Marketing Efforts

You may come across a host of email marketing hashtags to use but there are a few most popular ones. If you use these according to your business niche and needs, you will be better off. Here are a few of these popular and extensively used email marketing hashtags on different social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or others according to their engagement and popularity percentage in that order:

  • #emailmarketing: 32%
  • #digitalmarketing: 11%
  • #marketing: 10%
  • #socialmediamarketing: 9%
  • #socialmedia: 8%
  • #seo: 6%
  • #onlinemarketing: 6%
  • #emailmarketingtips: 5%
  • #branding: 5%
  • #business: 4%

In addition to the above, there are a few other new related hashtags that will also help you a lot in your integrated email marketing campaign with Instagram when you add these with your posts. The chronological list of these hashtags according to the number of posts that have used it according to the latest update on 30th October 2019 are:

  • #emailmarketingtips: 23,001
  • #emailmarketingstrategy: 6,846
  • #emailmarketingcampaigns: 2,450
  • #emailmarketingstats: 1,429
  • #emailmarketingsoftware: 1,189
  • #emailmarketingmanager: 869
  • #emailmarketingcampaign: 822
  • #emailmarketingstrategies: 631
  • #emailmarketingresponsivo: 563
  • #emailmarketingtime: 544
  • #emailmarketingservices: 486
  • #emailmarketingqueen: 481
  • #emailmarketingcampains: 471
  • #emailmarketingjakarta: 468
  • #emailmarketingstrategist: 434
  • #emailmarketingtools : 433
  • #emailmarketingautomation: 432
  • #emailmarketingid: 382
  • #emailmarketingconsultant: 320
  • #emailmarketingexpert: 284

If you want to stay up to date with the trend and the constantly changing algorithm, use these hashtags effectively.

A vital tool

Instagram is the most popular and vital tool for all social media fanatics including due to its features and tools such as the:

  • Writers
  • Conservationist
  • Bloggers and
  • Marketers

In order to make the best use of this integration, you may need to take some professional help at times. However, using the proper hashtags is mandatory to get as many followers which is why you will need professional help. It is only a proper hashtag that will ensure the growth of an organic following on Instagram.

The primary reason to use proper email marketing hashtag is that the engagement level of the most popular post will decline over time once it is posted. To prevent this and also to make sure that your posts stays as impressive as it was before, using some of the top email marketing Instagram hashtags will help you to get more traffic on your Instagram account, boost engagement and get more email subscribers.

Using Instagram photos

When you want your Instagram photos in your recurring email campaign, you should start with the RSS campaigns first. This is the easiest way to make sure that theist images are drawn into your email templates. This will also help you a lot in sharing your photos regularly and automatically.

For this you will need to:

  • Create a new campaign
  • Select “Recurring RSS Campaign” when it is prompted
  • Add the feed URL located under the ‘Start with the website’s address’ and
  • Add the most recent photos.

At this juncture, you must also keep in mind that if you do not have any new and fresh photos to select, then do not send the mail. In addition to that, you must also know the best way in which you can ensure the best images are pulled in your content using the RSS template tags.

You can pull in one-click content if you are familiar with the code by simply adding an RSS content section to the email template. You can also use the email editor to drag in Webstagram RSS.

However, you must always highlight your Instagram account to make the best use of your email marketing campaigns.

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