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Things to Consider While Choosing the Best USC Dining Hall

Some of the things you do once you join a university is to make friends, explore the school and classes. But, one thing often forgotten is the dining area. It is essential to know where you’ll be getting your meals from their prices and convenience.

At the University of Southern California, things have been made easier. There are more than three modern dining halls conveniently placed for you. The usc dining hall offers different and healthy menus. For example, the seed dining hall, it has outside resting place where you can sit and enjoy your meal and an inside from where you can pick your desserts, coffees, and snacks to go.

Best USC Dining HallImage source: USC Hospitality

Some dining halls offer parking spot and other online orders such that you won’t have to stand on the line to get served. Once you get to the building, you pick your order and leave. It is therefore essential to take into account what each dining hall is offering. Below is what to consider while choosing the best usc dining hall.

1. Health Options That Are Available

As a student, your brain needs to feed on nutritious elements. Suppose you have to read throughout the week and you are feeding poorly. Writing a good research paper becomes tasking. You shouldn’t hate school because you are not able to write a piece that gains you good marks. While some dining halls major in snacks, others offer a balanced meal. Indulge in healthy foods.

2. Hours Which The Dining Hall Open

While most dining halls open as early as 7 am others are way earlier. Choose a dining hall that opens the hours that conveniently serve you. So, if you have a class at 8, and it takes you 20 minutes to grab breakfast and another 30 to walk to class, choose a hall that opens early enough to ensure you don’t miss or late to class.

Also, some dining halls don’t open during weekends. Is that convenient for you? If no, then you’ll have to reconsider.

3. Special Diets

Some students have health issues and might require special meals. As a student, ensure you inform the dining hall of your needs. They will advise on the options available or spend some extra time to make your meal as the doctor requires specifically.

4. Do They Offer Meal Plans?

A meal plan is an economical way to get food for a student. Instead of carrying your money every meal time, (which by the way might deplete before the semester ends) you take a meal plan. Meal plans vary. You can have a meal plan entailing 500 meals, and another student has a meal plan of 280 meals. So, do the usc dining hall offer such flexible meal plans? So with your meal plan, you might decide to eat 21 meals a week or 12 meals in a week. It all depends on you as a student.

5. Services And Meals Offered

You need to treat yourself once in a while. Are your treat foods available in your favorite joint? If no, where do you find your ice creams and pizza? Additionally, some food joints offer a parking spot without a fee.

Getting by in a new university can be frustrating, but that’s part of adaptation. But, remember eating is essential. So, look for the best dining hall.

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