The Role of Flat Web Design in Making Your Website an Instant Hit

Imagine: You are browsing a website and see a great combination of bright colours and exotic typography. The very first thing that comes in your mind is to make minimalism as an integral part of your design idea. Today this is possible with the help of flat web design.

Reputed IT bloggers have praised this ingenious web design and certain times have included it in the list of popular design trends. This includes reputed web design agency in Toronto like Chameleon Digital Media.

The amazing part? Flat web design has a very simplistic style. It can be available in a variety of forms.

So, when it comes to defining the words “flat web design” it is important to focus on what it isn’t.

Let us now divert our attention to the things mentioned below.

This ingenious web design is not 3D. It consists of three critical elements:

  • Flat forms
  • Non-existence of details that aid in creating beautiful designs
  • Absence of details that create astuteness and size, including highlights, textures, and shadows.

It does not skeuomorphic properties. The great news is that flat design originated to fight skeuomorphism.

It is nothing but a beautiful style that is employed to resemble real-life objects or processes.

Skeuomorphism is an art that makes use of generous effects like reflections, realistic textures, embossing, beveling, and drop shadows, etc.

The History of Flat Web Design and The Way its Popularity Spiked

The History of Flat Web Design

Flat design started to get due attention between the years 2012 and 2013. It was during these formative years when this amazingly new web design started getting visibility, thanks to the perfect timing of Windows 8 and iOS 7 release.

You can see lots of different things in the flat design that have been inspired from well-known brands. Like Window’s modular layout with pragmatic blocks of colour and Apple’s use of spotless shapes and clear icons.

The origin story of flat web design commences somewhere in between the indigenous trend and the skeuomorphic embodiments that were sacrificed.

A great thing is that flat web design has been around for years and is still performing great. This makes it more than simply a passing fad.

Let us now divert our attention to the pros and cons of flat web design.

Pros of Flat Web Design

Affinity with responsive design

responsive flat web design

Microsoft and Apple were the pioneers when it comes to adopting a flat web design. Once they adopted this novice design it was only a matter of time for others to follow them.

Today, it has become one of the most popular web designs for web and mobile design. Reason? It is easier to apply the principles of flat web design to other design categories.

Flat web design principles can be applied to other design categories.

Although its grid-based layouts and simplistic design are most recommended for web and mobile design.

There is a rationale for this: It is easier to rearrange or resize the flat web design ultimately leading to easy display on varied screen sizes and devices.

Its framework can easily be moulded as per requirement

The best part about flat web design is the fact that it is very simple to navigate and effortless to scan. The grids, cards, modules or blocks design going for a flat look have a uniform geometric shape.

The amazing part is, grids do have a flexible framework which can easily be shaped into different configurations.

This gives enough freedom to the designers in creating an arrangement that synchronizes pretty well with the content instead of compressing content in a predetermined layout.

Spotless, easy-to-read typography

It is a unanimous perception amongst designers that flat web design provides more options for typesetting. The best part? They end up with larger, more modernized typography.

Thanks to the non-presence of shadows and other effects the text become very easy to read.

Designers love the Sans-serif typefaces which are not only good match for style, but also ensure that be highly effective in representing the big statements like a headline.

Cons of Flat Web Design

Adjusting to the second best use of the design

Flat web designs

Certain designers try to compromise on the design part of the website in order to give a clean look to the flat web design.

This results in negative consequences on the use of the design. Itis particularly happening in the case of web and mobile design.

There are times when a designer needs to decide what to keep as clickable or not (the reason being, everything is flat on the same visual plane).

Certain times important features are concealed from the views, or certain visual cues are missing for the users which are all compromises for making the design look as simplistic as possible.

Lack of original thought process

Every businessman wants to create a website or project to highlight its exclusive qualities.

But, when it comes to flat web design there is a dearth of ideas since every design looks quite similar.

Since the designers are working on the same flat style they have limited scope of choices to implement their projects.

Following the trend as a crowd without thinking about the usefulness factor

trending flat web design

Flat web design is one of the trending topics on the top design trend list. It is one of the popular choices amongst designs as it uses breakthrough technology to come up with interesting pieces of work.

The problem is, certain designers, follow the principles of flat web design simply to follow the crowd without thinking about the usefulness factor. This can result in the creation of art which is totally purposeless.

The Final Countdown…

Designers have already started experimenting with flat design.

They are now adjusting to the style accordingly.

Today it is time for designers to visualize simplicity and introduce subtle changes like texture and shadow for making your designs look aesthetic and functional for users.

At present, these minor tweaks have given an altogether new meaning to the flat design approach.

Now, this new style is regarded as “Flat 2.0” or “almost-flat” design. A drastic change…..

It is about the time when you need to take the help of an ingenious web design company in Toronto or web design agency in Toronto like Chameleon Digital Media and make your flat web design dreams come true!

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