Real World Application of SEO Tips and Tricks to Drive Domain Rankings Higher

SEO or search engine optimization is the most vital tool that you as a venture capitalist can have in your arsenal to drive your domain rankings higher. The higher is your domain ranking, and the higher is the chance of generating a lead and making a sale. Online advertisement campaigns currently dominate the global business market, and SEO is the single most important tool when it comes to letting consumers and users know about your presence.

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In this article, we have listed a set of tips and tricks that are easy to follow when you are devising an SEO strategy for your venture needs. Read on!

Making the website faster

When it comes to real-world implementation of SEO tricks, increasing the site speed is the most overlooked one. But if truth be told a faster loading site keeps the audience engaged and increased the popularity and search result rankings of your site and domain landing pages. Almost half the net user base of the internet expects a site to load fully within 2 seconds and scientific research data claims that when this load time increases to 3 seconds, half of the users abandon the site. What’s more, the user may not want to return to your site, even if re-directed. Ever!

You need to optimize your site and domain landing pages to increase the site loading speed. There are a few ways you can go about it, and they can be listed as the following:

  • Optimizing the image files specs and size. Compressing the images will bring down the site loading times by 40%, our experts reveal.
  • Review all of your in-page elements and make sure you have only the required information. So make sure you cut down on the junk from your page to ensure better loading times.
  • Enable the browser caching which will help the repeat visitors to experience a really low loading time. Browser cache essentially stores some amount of page data in the user end (browser).
  • You can reduce the number of unnecessary plug-ins that is increasing the site loading time for your domain.

Consult a professional to get all the technical aid you need to manage the technical side of your website better.

The https:// link

In a simple world such a link in the web browser for a particular domain ensures the user of the safety features of the site. It just means there is a primary secure connection between the user and the server end. The SSL links coupled with https:// links are what the users look for when searching for a webpage. Not just the users, the search engines also prefer these secure sites as often some browsers block the entry into an un-secure site even if the domain is listed in the search result rankings. Avoid potential leads from being turned away due to having an unsecured site. Additionally, secure links also mean a better set of data when it comes to referrals from Google Analytics. That means you can observe where the traffic is coming from.

Optimizing the mobile version of the site

The search engines are making it imperative for a content provider to have a mobile-friendly version of the site as the popularity of the handheld device is tremendous. The truth is everyone is searching products and surfing information on the go. That makes it vital to have a mobile friendly site for your domain. Right now about 52% of the total internet traffic is mobile phone generated, and the number is expected to rise. It is a bit different to optimize the mobile site as opposed to the desktop site. Images and content should be easier to load owing to the smaller size of the device and pages should be easily accessible, navigable and scrollable.

Improvement of the metrics: traffic and engagement

User engagement is the time a user spends on a particular with lower bounce pig rates. That means the user is hooked on to your content. There are a few ways you can achieve this. Let us have a look:

  • Making the content easy to read and comprehend is the most vital when it comes to audience retention. Sentences and paragraphs should be short, and bullet points should be used to break up texts.
  • Images should be used throughout the content to make the click and visit worthwhile and content easy to understand.
  • Provide all the informational value at the start of the content or the loading page so that the user has a clear idea what you are all about.
  • Improve your bounce rates by improving the user experience of your site. How to go about that? The followings section is what you need!

Now to focus on the UX (User Experience)

User experience is significant when it comes to the generation of leads and conversion. Your website needs to list all the vital information and details that the user can find at a glance and move on to the next section of purchase or a further blog post. The major search engines want to provide the best experience to the user, and the ranking system is based on the user end experience with respect to ease of access and available navigation for your domain. Here is what you can do to achieve it:

  • The site should be easy to navigate with clearly listed categories and page marks and links so that the user doesn’t get lost.
  • Invest in clean and easy to read word format schemes and colors to make it easy for the user to locate offers, services, and products.
  • Use H1 tags for headings and H2 for the body and so on, so that the page content gets optimized according to industry standards.

It is important to understand that having professional aid is what you need when it comes to optimizing your site according to the set of industry standard. So invest in an SEO expert today to take care of the advertisement side of your business venture.

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