Website Branding: Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work

There is an opinion nowadays that traditional advertising has went the way of the dinosaur. A new breed of marketing has taken its place, one that no longer relies on physical images and words to sell products and services. This new approach to marketing is based around the idea that cyberspace is the place to be, so promotional activities should be first and foremost done online. And there are good arguments to be made in favor of this view.

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There are an estimated 3.5 billion people using the internet today, from places all across the globe. Very few brands can afford to promote their offers through physical means to this many people, but online it’s a different story. In principle, there is no limit to the amount of people you can reach online, which is what makes digital advertising so appealing marketing big-shots. However, smaller business which provide local services still have much to gain from traditional advertising strategies.

Reaching to millions of potential consumers online is fine and well, but ultimately conversions are what define a successful marketing campaign. And it is better to use all marketing weapons at your disposal to target a smaller audience, instead of wasting ammo trying to reach everyone at once.

This is why offline marketing strategies are still extremely useful, even if you are running a company that only does business online. If you have trouble remembering what they are due to the racket caused by online marketing acolytes screaming at the top of their lungs, check out our list of offline marketing strategies that still work well.

Direct Mail

Some people are under the impression that email has completely replaced regular mail. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The material nature of regular mail makes people pay more attention to, and the messages it contains. Ironically, the virtual nature of online communication has made real-world interactions more palatable. If something warrants sending a physical message, it must be important. It sounds counter-intuitive but sending direct mail promoting your online business is more likely to have an effect than doing the same thing through email.

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Live Events

One thing that online marketing often lacks is a personal touch. Words and images on the screen are much more effective when they are delivered by a salesperson. How do you promote your online brand in real life then? By going to events relevant to your trade, and promoting your business in person. Conventions, trade-shows and conferences are great occasions to get to know potential customers and business partners and simultaneously tell people about your brand, and the website where they can find out more. If you can afford it, opening up a stand at a convention or a trade-show with a display board showcasing your website is sure to draw people’s attention as well.

Vehicle Marketing

Do you have a company van, car, bike, or even a skateboard? You have no excuses not to use it as a vehicle for marketing. Place your brand logo and website URL, and turn yourself into a walking advertisement everywhere you go. Constant exposure to brand is the most surefire way to convert in the long term. If you take the same commute to work, the effects will become noticeable even after a few weeks.

Cold Calls

If going to live events is not possible for some reason, try giving people a call and tell them about your online brand. This classic approach to marketing has been tried and tested for decades, and it still works just as well in the digital age. Just remember to be polite, keep your story short and on-point, and don’t call inappropriate hours.


Incorporating traditional marketing strategies in your broader marketing efforts is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. By combining offline and online methods of conversion, you will be able to reach more people, as well as convert them quicker. So give offline marketing a try once again, you might be surprised how well it still works.

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