Top 8 Ways to Monitor Inbound Marketing Analytics Effectively

In this digital era, most of the organizations are drowning into digital marketing without having in-depth knowledge of how to elevate marketing performance, which might affect their business revenue and growth.

In this technological world, all the activities that are performed are transparent. Therefore every click is essential. For this, you need to know which data or information is grabbing the attention of visitors. It will help you to build an inbound marketing campaign successfully.

Do you know which factors directly affect marketing growth and helps you monitor your marketing analytics? If yes, then take a deep understanding of each segment and escalate your marketing performance more quickly. If not, then Don’t Worry!

In this journey, I will be discussing some of the essential marketing metrics that you need to focus regularly as it will help you to analyze your business insights and improve your business growth.

Marketing Key Metrics that counts while monitoring Inbound Marketing

Now, take a rundown of the top 10 ways by which you can evaluate the performance of your business constantly.

#1 — Traffic Sources

The primary aim of marketers is to attract new visitors and grab the attention of customers. Companies provide effective services and look for people who are interested in availing their offered services and browsing the website.

If the number of traffic on your website increases, then it can be said that you can increase your business revenue. Now let me tell you different approaches with which you can generate more traffic to your site.

As per the research, 2.77 billion people across the globe are using social media. However,
by posting the valuable content, images, and other infographics, you can drive more traffic to your site and track the improvement rate of people who reach your website.

Traffic SourcesSource: HubSpot

2 — Bounce Rate

If you can attract the customers to the site but unable to abide the visitors to your website, then it’s of no use. It will be difficult for you to convert visitors into your leads.

Therefore, you need to leave a good impression on your brand new customers by providing informative and attractive content as it will increase the stay time on your site.

High bounce rate depicts that the uploaded content and your web pages are not compelling the visitors to stay on your site. It might have a bad impact on your business as it may reduce the traffic to your site. However, by measuring the bounce rate, you can quickly analyze the performance of your website.

Bounce RateSource: HubSpot

3 — Click-through rate or Total number of clicks

By looking at click-through-rate, you can easily calculate the percentage of the number of visitors who clicked on the provided link.

To boost up the total number of clicks to your website, you can test different landing page URL, copy treatments, etc. It will further help you to improve the click-through rate of your website.

More are the number of clicks! More is the website traffic, and better is your sales!

Now, you might be thinking about the way through which the click-through rate can be maximized. Are you? Relax and continue reading.

You can structure the emails to capture more leads by using adding CTA’s and value-driven text. So what are waiting for?

To increase your click-through rate ratio, you can design your sites effectively and engage the readers by understanding top web design trends to watch in 2019.

4 — Lead Conversion Rate

Are you familiar with the term lead conversion rate? If no, let me be the first to tell you that Lead conversion rate is the percentage of people who have completed some task by clicking on a button or entering the information on landing pages.

Monitoring lead conversion rate regularly is another way to measure whether your website is growing or not. You will also get an idea of whether the landing of your website is effective or not.

You can easily track the exact platform from where the leads are coming, whether it is through referral links, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Also, you can evaluate that the platform which is attracting the leads is fruitful for your business or not.

Lead Conversion RateSource: HubSpot

5 — Return on Investment

Every organization aims to generate more traffic in less time and without putting extra efforts. But the point is how to determine the performance of your work.

Analyzing your business ROI is another approach through which you can find whether your efforts are maximizing the business profit or not. The money which you are spending to grab the attention of visitors is worthy or not. If it’s aren’t working, then you should definitely think out of the box to maximize your marketing dollars.

That’s why I prefer you to monitor the return on investment to drive marketing campaign successfully.

6 — Unsubscriber Rate

Unsubscriber rate is the percentage of the customers to whom you are successful in engaging but unable to delight. These are the people who search all your uploaded data but do not reach on the decision to buy the product.

Just imagine, if you get to know about the total number of people who do not click on the subscribe button then, you can quickly evaluate whether the customers are satisfied with your offered services or not.

Therefore, you need to frequently check the list of unsubscriber rate to deliver best practices to your potential customers.

7 — Close Ratio

Once all your leads are converted into your potential customers, it can be said that you are on the right track to achieve business success. It is considered that your lead is at the closing stage only when they contribute to your bottom line.

More is the close ratio; lesser is the customer dissatisfaction rate!!

Do you also wanna track your business progress rate? Start monitoring your customer’s close ratio as it is one of the great indicators to evaluate the success of your lead nurturing efforts.

8 — Inbound links

Inbound links are basically the number of links that you get from other sites. Adding inbound links to various sites will help you to redirect their potential visitors to your site.

If you add inbound links to your content at the right place, it will be easy for you to upgrade the number of visitors to your site as it is said that adding good quality inbound links will get 70% more engagement of customers than using SEO strategy.

So, always add informative links in your content, which suits the best because Google algorithm will directly evaluate your content performance through inbound links.

In a Crux

Internet is the best source to provide relevant information to the users. But while uploading the data, it is necessary for marketers to see whether the visitors view the information and whether their efforts are getting some leads or not.

However, by monitoring all the above discussed key metrics, you can easily find on which areas your business needs improvement and by which platforms you can generate better results by grabbing the attention of new customers.

So, get a deeper knowledge of each marketing tool to evaluate your business growth easily.

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