How to Write Breathtaking Blog Post in 5 Steps

If you’re a blogger, you should create content that people want to read. This means that you have to know your audience. If you update your website with low-quality blogs, no one will bother to read them. Ensure your blogs are unique and creative so people have a reason to visit your site. Remember your site is not the only one that addresses your topic.

Blogging is a popular career today because it’s a very lucrative field. Many make a living out of talking about the things they’re passionate about. What separates good bloggers from great ones is great content. After all, content has always been king.

People are always on the lookout for authenticity because they want to relate to what you talk about. Use your blogs to show readers that they’re not the only ones that face specific challenges. Aside from being relatable, your blog posts should also be entertaining and informative. This is the only way you can make good money out of blogging.

It could be a website for writing services online or an online cosmetic store. Regardless, your content has to be A-class. See how you can write breathtaking posts using these five simple steps.

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1. Plan on What to Talk about

As a blogger, you need to realize that you’ll not always have ideas on what to write about. Planning ensures that you always have something to post on your website. Write down topics your audience seems to be interested in and plan how to discuss each one of them.

Ensure you choose topics you can write about in an informative and entertaining way. Even though people appreciate an informative post, no one is willing to suffer through a boring post in the name of learning a new thing. After all, they can easily go to another site that talks about the same subject in a lively manner.

2. Use Headlines to captivate your Readers

The first thing people see even before they go through your article is the headline. Take your time to come up with catchy headlines to captivate the readers. In today’s information-driven era, people can have easy access to information. This means you’re competing for the readers’ attention with several other bloggers.

With a captivating headline, you can capture the attention of your ideal audience. Avoid using cliché headlines because these ones tend to throw people off. Come up with headlines that make readers curious enough to find out what the article is all about. Remember to make it short so that Google search results displays the entire thing.

3. Research

Regardless of how familiar you are with the topic you’re writing on, make sure you research. This is how you achieve highly-informative articles. Ensure that people can learn at least one new thing from each of your articles. When you’re talking about statistics, attach evidence to boost the credibility of your article.

Stating a statistic without attaching evidence from a reliable source makes your point mere hearsay. If it turns out that the statistics were actually wrong, your blog loses credibility. The internet never forgets and this incident will be engraved in people’s memory even after you rectify the error.

4. Use Graphics to Enhance your Blogs

The essence of graphics for blog posts cannot be emphasized enough. Use images to give your blog posts context. People tend to relate more with a post that has a pictorial illustration. Ensure the images are right-sized so that they don’t compromise your site’s loading speed. If your page takes more than three seconds to load, people are likely to hit the back button.

Don’t forget to credit all your images because Google algorithms take note of such tiny details when ranking sites. Photo credits boost the credibility of your site.

5. Edit Each Blog before you Publish it

Never upload a blog post with grammatical errors. Simple as they might seem, common grammar mistakes can cost you your readers. No one wants to read articles and correct the author’s grammar in their head. The way you present your blogs says a lot about your professionalism. If your website is an online store, people are likely to stop buying from you just because you don’t edit your articles.

Readers have a keen eye and they’ll not miss your grammatical error. Invest in online editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway so you have an easier time editing your work. Thoroughly proofread and read out loud while at it. Consider working with an editor to be on the safe side.


These five simple steps ensure that you write blog posts worth reading. There are many other blogs out there that address the same topic as you. Writing unique blog posts ensures you capture the attention of your readers. Remember to use catchy headlines that makes your reading audience curious enough to find out what your post is about.

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