How to Use Remote Database Management in Developing Your Startup?

To initiate a startup business, and retain it in good health are two different things. Many businesses get started, but cannot continue in good health with a revenue enough to sustain the business, which results in shutting down of the startup. To take things in control, some timely smart decisions need to be taken.

Remote Database Management

It’s not workforce which is indicative of the growth of a startup always

It’s a notion that businesses grow with workforce. It’s not so. Actually, businesses grow with the management of the workforce. If you have a business, and to get things done in various departments in the business you recruit workforce, then will it help in the business expansion? Technically no- because the target of recruitment is not to expand the business by growing revenue, but to get things done on time in an organized way in the business for the successful running of the organization. Now after successful running of the business through management of work, whether the revenue would increase, customers and sales would increase or not, depends on many other metrics and not actually the workforce. On the other hand, if the workforce in a business can be managed rationally, then the business can grow by using the revenue sensibly.

How outsourcing of work help a startup grow?

If the business is already earning revenue, which is coming steadily for the time, then instead of working on increasing the revenue directly, you may work on reducing the use of that revenue on diverse fields. If you recruit with enough understanding and know how to rationalize your headcount, then also you can save a lot of money in payrolls, hiring, training, etc. This is one big reason that businesses try to outsource all such work to third parties which can be managed from outside remotely. And one such field is database administration. If you are newly introduced to the concept and use of database administration, then here is how you can start with managing DBA. Businesses large or small, are highly dependent on the management of databases. Therefore the department to manage the database and monitor things is a must in any business. And here is how you can manage some good amount of cost-cutting while not compromising on the job and management.

Database administration

Data is everywhere, and the requirement to collect raw data, store it, and render it usable by converting it into usable organized data form, which can be processed in required ways is what is collectively known as database management. And the management of the database, when carefully monitored, supervised, and managed by a team of data experts, with a full professional approach, is referred to as database administration. And data being a value which can be dealt with on the spot or from anywhere else, is an entity which is not physical but can be omnipresent and worked with from anywhere at any time. Therefore the physical presence of a database administrator is actually not required in the database management or IT department of any business. Rather the DBA can work from anywhere in the world for business as long as communication is seamless between the business and the DBA through internet connectivity.

You can increase business revenue by hiring remote database administrators

Business revenue can be increased when you hire remote database administrators, which is another way, is simply outsourcing your database management project. When you outsource the entire database related work, then you enjoy the following benefits all in one go:

  • The requirement to hire database programmers and managers is waived off. This save hiring expenses starting from advertising on job portals and elsewhere to taking interviews and selecting employees etc.
  • When you don’t hire you do not spend on training them too, which saves you from another expense.
  • When you don’t get people on your direct payroll, you get rid of this responsibility of giving salaries too to a fixed number of heads per month.
  • With outsourcing of your database management and administration you get a team with all the features which a locally based in-house team would have offered, but not on a salary basis and instead on a fixed package.
  • This kind of settlement actually makes the costing transparent.
  • When a local team works, they may ask you for more support and workforce as the business grows and the databases grow too. But with a remote DBA team, they would not ask you for anything and would arrange for all that is required on their own, as they are committed to giving you solution only in a package. In case your database grows, and more work is needed, they may only ask you to revise the package and go for an upgraded package.
  • The requirement for physical infrastructure is actually minimized to a great extent, as much of the bigger machines and servers are retained by the remote service provider who uses the same infrastructure for other projects too, thereby helping you share the server costing, etc.

This means, when you take the service from remote DBA service provider, then you actually get relieved from many responsibilities. On top of all this, you may change your remote DBA team too if you do not like the service. And in case of salaried DBAs in payroll, it becomes a cumbersome process to terminate them or change the whole team. And you can see how you can save money on every step while working with a remote DBA team. To start with, you may get a starter package from services like, and then you may extend service and package too.

Where to find a reliable remote DBA team?

You can get a remote database administration service by looking for one online. Services who are equipped with database engineers to work in all database environments would be the right pick so that you can instantly change your way of handling database as well as the database platform with time and changing technology. With proper management of database as well as cost savings in the process, the startup can use its generated revenue to grow with time.

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