How much Office Space is ideal for your Brand?

We will not be mincing words if we count an office space among the most important resources for your business. Getting the right space can make or break your brand. In this competitive age, it has become necessary to search for the perfect space. However, you may have some setbacks.

There is no argument that size is essential. If you choose a small space, you may end up forgoing your chance to scale up your company, and then you’d have to spend more on a larger space.

Getting a larger space than what you need may lead to expenses that could’ve been saved for more critical business aspects.

We have therefore diligently sieved out these tips, which would be golden for you when renting an office.

Office Layout

What city are you? Getting an office space for rent NYC can be hard to get but would be an ideal option if a majority of your clients are in that area. Thus, it’s better to choose a layout that maximizes every inch of the space you have. There are currently three types of layouts with their own set of pros and cons.

The first option is the open office, which consists of a vast expanse of space with employees sitting and working across from each other. This allows for a community workspace that thrives by being together. If that is not a massive part of your value chain, then this is a great option.

Other options include the more conservative offices that have private rooms. Some businesses combine the open office and the private office to create a hybrid office. Consider what suits your business needs before renting any space.

Potential Growth

When you look at an office space, it’s important to think about the future of your company. You might have a few employees as a startup, and in a few years, you might need more employees than the space you have available.

If there are plans for expansion in the works, then you should consider renting more space. Due to the high cost of office space for rent in NYC, most startups make use of flexible options like
co-working spaces which are ideal for startups.

Once the growth has stabilized for the foreseeable future, you can spend more resources on acquiring your own office space.

Work Culture

The ethos of your company can determine how much space you need.

Different companies thrive on different principles. You have to take the time to have an in-depth analysis of your company culture and how it can impact the amount of space needed to drive profitability and boost morale.

Businesses that place a priority on long stretches of concerted work rate will need office spaces that are designed for privacy. Companies that put agility at the forefront will forego the square footage, investing that cash on human capacity building or growth.

It’s admittedly difficult to grasp this variable and factor them into your space needs. So it’s important to consult a designer to help you in this regard.


The most important criterion is your budget. A big-budget will render these factors irrelevant. Even then, it’s good to be financially intelligent for your own purposes.

New York is the commercial nerve of the United States and the world at large. In such a massively competitive city, you need all your variables right as a business for success. Therefore, with productivity and success extensively tied to the office environment, you would want to get the perfect location and office for your company.

This is why you need Office Finder to help get you that cozy office that gives you ample space to reach your company milestones.

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