Top 9 Free Magento 2 Extensions to Consider

Now probably being the best (free) eCommerce software available, Magento has not become an opinion, it’s a fact. The open-source platform allows you to download, install, and modify it to your heart’s content. The best, most powerful and most versatile free system so far, which is equally fiendishly complicated for a novice. For many of you, the open-source nature which is somewhat debatable. The community version whilst powerful is a pared-down version of the Enterprise version, and that’s (I guess) where Varien, Magento’s original parent company (eBay now owns it), made their money.

So whilst it’s open-source and powerful, it’s not always free (or even cheap) to unleash that power. More on that later on in this Magento review.

Note that the third option in the Magento ecosystem is “Magento Go.” I haven’t tried this myself, and I would have liked to have done so for this Magento review, but I understand it’s a hosted version that’s somewhere between the community edition and the Enterprise edition in terms of functionality. Now let’s delve into the nitty gritty of certain Magento 2 extensions which might provide great help in succeeding your business venture.

9 Free Magento 2 extensions to Consider

1. Products Attachment

Products Attachment Free Magento 2 Extensions

Do you think your products require instructions or helpful tutorial exercises? With the help of this Products Attachment Magento extension, which provides assistance that connects client guides, manuals, or compresses documents to all items in your store. The Products Attachment extension is a helpful file transfer tool permitting you to append records of different configurations and sizes quickly. Its crucial features include:

  • Oversee attachments per store see
  • Utilize a similar attachment for different items
  • Transfer records specifically on the item lattice
  • Include a boundless number of connections to items
  • Transfer different record types
  • Oversee documents permeability
  • Add a document to multiple product pages
  • Organize the attachment positions accordingly
  • Disable the extension when not in use

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2. Store Manager Connector

Store Manager Connector Free Magento 2 Extensions

Have you ever thought about centralizing e-commerce operations into one user savvy platform? Store manager connector is the solution you must think of. The extension aids multi retailers who wish to expand as well as grow their business by providing means to effectively manage their inventory, sales, purchasing, and fulfillment through a centralized channel. As a result, retailers can enhance their visibility, introduce efficiency, get insight, and acquire trigger ready control over their business operations. In addition to this, several comprehensive eCommerce strategies can be prepared by intelligently reducing costs, maximizing profitability, and tailoring their omnichannel operation.

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3. WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp Chat Free Magento 2 Extensions

I am pretty sure that your customers must be having tons of queries in mind before or while making any purchase. And the immediate response is something they always crave for. At such moments, to boost the customer experience as well as increase customer trust and loyalty towards your brand is very crucial. WhatsApp is one such extension used for instant communication. The extension allows the consumer to contact the store owner on their mobile as well as web. All you have to do is enable after installing it.

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4. Request for Quote

Request for Quote Free Magento 2 Extensions

Another interesting free and simple looking Magento 2 extension that enables business owners to upgrade their Request for Quote with an automated RFQ form. The form is quite easy to use and facilitates customers in filling their requirements and asking for a quote. This Free Magento 2 plugin also allows the users to upload files and receive notifications about the quote they have submitted.

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5. Featured Products

Featured Products Free Magento 2 Extensions

If you are looking for a Magento 2 extension that allows you to display featured products on your website effectively using blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets, thereby boosting the sales. Able to create an infinite number of blocks, insert blocks via CMS, layout, and widgets, select product pictures to display, disable when not in use are its core features.

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6. Banners

Banner Slider Free Magento 2 Extensions

Free Responsive Banner Slider – I personally love this image slider application that allows professionals to add multiple images on your home page. You can place HD featured images of your most selling or most popular products and assign custom titles to these banners. Among many Banner Slider extensions, this one is the simplest and effective for any type of business or products.

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7. Brand

Brand Free Magento 2 Extensions

This Magento 2 extension, in particular, enables owners to manufacture and selling their items through an online store? The Brand extension lets store owners display brand logos on their website effectively using blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets, thereby gaining user trust and credibility. This extension is valuable to get brands and producers highlighted in your store according to your necessities. You can set up the brand’s logo slider on various pages with an alternate arrangement. Set up boundless brands without much of a stretch.

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8. Advanced Shipping Setting

Advanced-Shipping Free Magento 2 Extensions

The Free Magento 2 module allows you to manage shipping fee with every available variable such as destination, price, weight, quantity, categories, item options, product attributes, customer group, customer attributes, and other Magento custom variables, etc. It may quite interest you to know that here you can define formulas for specifying the price of shipping methods with a single number, or with a combination of multiple conditions. Also, changing settings anytime from back end to define new rules for shipping is no big deal.

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9. Product Label

Product Label extension for Magento-2

Product Label extension for Magento 2 helps you to create attractive labels and allows them to add them on your homepage, category, product, wishlist, search result, and other custom pages. The extension also allows you to add labels with enticing offers for products that are new, freshly stoked or offered at discount rates. This allows us to easily inform your customers about all the upcoming or ongoing offers, which ultimately helps to generate more sales.

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Open source, free lifetime extension, bug fixes and support, user-friendly, eye-alluring labels, support for default widgets are some of the best features offered by the extension.

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