21+ Creative eBook Cover Templates to Design Your Next Bestseller

For all the designers out there looking for ultimate eBook cover templates, we have this amazing guide that will help you get all the excellent templates at one place. The best eBook cover templates to cater to all your special needs are here that will help you to design the perfect masterpiece in the form of an eBook. Let’s read on further to get your hands on some awesome cover templates that are both free and premium:

eBook Cover Design Tips

As you wish to design an eBook you need to an eBook cover template to make it look effective but far more than that you require an answer some of the questions in order to construct eBook cover design such as- What kind of eBook cover would you prefer? What message do you need to give through the book? What is the genre of the book? And what things would you like to include on the cover page?

eBook Publishing Platforms

There are many ebook cover maker and publisher. All of them provide different specifications. Some of these are:

  • Amazon Kindle: With Amazon, you can make changes in your book even after it has been published. It allows you with functions such as font size, designing, eBook cover templates free, color, size and many more.
  • Barnes & Noble: Like Amazon, it allows self-publishing. The publishing process is very simple with additional benefits of online promotional activities and all allows to make hardcover for print.
  • Smashwords: Smashwords really appeals when it comes to making a cover image. It can construct pictures that are bigger in pixels as compared to other sites.
  • Apple iBooks: It allows you to make high-quality books with a lot of media content such as pictures, its format is very supportive in the iPhone. It allows you to work with images, saves them as a PNG and JPG along with resizing, etc.
  • Google Books: It helps you save multiple files for a single book. It has a great eBook cover template and allows to save files formats such as .epub, .pdf, jpeg, .tiff, .pdf, and .png.
  • Book Baby: It will provide you with a professional cover design. It is very supportive in case you need to print the eBook as it has a very strong in-house publishing system.

Designing an eBook Cover

The front cover will make the first impression for your book so prefer going through a shrink test. You cover should be impressive that the reader feels that there is something inside the book but on the other hand the book cover should not have unnecessary details.

Recommeded Reads

Free eBook Cover Templates:

These templates are free and can be used for general purpose.

Free simple Fiction Book cover template

Free simple Fiction Book cover template

Here the eBook cover templates is available in 6*9 inches. It is very easy to customize; you can print it in any file format and customizes it anywhere. Moreover, there are very attractive subheading styles and colors can be changed easily.

Free thriller ebook cover templates

Free thriller book cover template

These eBook templates are available in 8.5×11 inches and are also Bleed. They can be downloaded in any format, are always ready to print, it is very easy to change their colors and you have a 24-hour email and chat support.

Free marketing book cover template

Free marketing book cover template

This eBook cover template free is 6*9 inches. Very similar to the fiction book template can be easily to customize and saved in any format along with high-quality graphics and template is perfect for marketing.

Free Children’s Non-Fiction Book Cover Template

Free Children's Non-Fiction Book Cover Template

It is 8.5*11 inches and a high-quality eBook cover template, designed especially for non-fiction books for children. The layouts are printable along with the graphics files.

Free Blue Business Book Cover Template

Free Blue Business eBook Cover Template

It is available in 8.5*11 inches along with a very creative blue design that is unique to it. This printable template is very easy to edit.

Free Fantasy Book Cover Template

Free Fantasy eBook Cover Template

This is an aspiring book template perfect for the fantasy world. It has free Images and Artwork and Standard Google fonts.

Free Wattpad Book Cover Template

Free Wattpad eBook Cover Template

This template is specially designed to be used for a book cover of wattpad. It provides free standard google fonts along with that smart objects that can replace an image.

Free Non-Fiction Book Cover Template

Free Non-Fiction eBook Cover Template

This eBook cover template gives a very classy and modern look to your book cover. It is very easy to customize and always be ready for print and editing.

Free Novel Book Cover Template

Free Novel eBook Cover Template

For the novel you need an eBook cover design template that is very attractive and unique. Similarly, this template is an eye-catcher with best sub-heading fonts and styles.

Free Beauty Parlor eBook Cover Template

Free Beauty Parlor eBook Cover Template

This eBook cover template is available in 8.267×11.693 inches. It has free images and great artwork and has Scalable Vector objects.

Free Digital Press Binder Cover Template

Free Digital Press Binder Cover Template

This eBook cover template will promote positivity and professionalism in the work. It is very easy to make changes in the template and the thing to keep in mind is that the template comes with standard license.

Free Chapter eBook Cover Template

Free Chapter eBook Cover Template

It is a very beautiful cover template and is available for free. It has a Well Organised Layers and Layer Groups.

Premium eBook Cover Templates

Unlike the previous one, they are designed specifically for a purpose

eBook Cover Templates Set By OlgaBegakArt

ebook cover template

It would suit best with themes such as Romance, Self-Help, Health, Fitness & Dieting. All cover designs of this set will have a preview.

Customizable Book Cover Template By OlgaBegakArt

ebook templates

It has paperback cover eBook templates that are available in a number of formats such as 5″×8″, 5.5″×8.5″, 6″×9″ and eBook (1600 × 2560 px). All the text and color in the template set can be edited by the user.

Book Covers Bundle By Digital Goods

ebook cover template psd

The eBook cover template is known as the most user-friendly template for beginners, to you if you do not have to be a graphics expert. All the files in the template are of high resolution.

eBook Cover Templates By Illustrations & Templates

eBook Cover Templates PSD

With it, you can make the cover as you want them with four general PSD category templates such as modern Romance, Action, Thriller and Classic. The covers are appreciated for their professional outlook.

4 eBook Cover Templates By Illusiongraphic

eBook cover templates pack

This is a combination of four cover templates with genres similar to the previous one namely classic, mystery, romantic, thriller. They already have set dimensions to upload it on Amazon and Smashwords along with others.

Customizable Book Cover Template By Digital Goods

eBook Cover Template

This is a multipurpose template. The layers of the template are well designed and organized.

Canva eBook Cover Templates

Canva Ebook Template

It has 21 templates to create your ebook and 20 templates to promote your ebook. The biggest advantage is that it would save a lot of time and money.

Yoga Modern eBook Cover Templates By Providence Studio

Yoga Modern Ebook Template

It has character and paragraph styles specially designed to attract customers. It is of great use to entrepreneurs and bloggers.

6 E-book / Post Covers for Foodies Byamber&ink

ebook Cover templates for Foodies

They are brilliant to attract food lovers. They suit well in case you are willing to publish your book in PDF format.

Fitness Book Cover Template By Digital Goods

Fitness Book Cover Template

As the name suggests they can be compromised very easily and are great motivational covers. It has organized layer that is easy to work with.

Infographic – How to Create an eBook for Free

how to create an ebook infographic

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