How to Convert Leads into Paying Customers as a Freelancer with Bonsai

According to Upwork 2017 survey, 59% of freelancers started freelancing within the last 3 years. In just America, 57.3M people are doing freelancing in 2017. Growth has nearly doubled each year.

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People are more interested in doing freelancing instead of doing a full-time job in the company. Because when you are working from home, you are own boss and you have full freedom to work according to your choice and time.

In this fast growing freelancing world, one of the primary goal for freelancers is to get more clients or leads. Luckily, there are a lot of freelance jobs online sites where you can easily get projects and start making money but apart from that here, we walk you through how to lands more leads in your inbox and how to convert that leads into paying customers.

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Build Impressive Portfolio

Want to grow online as a freelancer or want to make more money as a freelancer? Then you must have a impressive portfolio. Every client wants to see your previous work before hiring you for a project so craft your portfolio with your best work.

On the web, there are many online portfolio builders available but if you have portfolio website with your own name that makes you more professional because your portfolio reflects your experience and professionalism. Here are some visually stunning portfolio WordPress themes that will help to land your dream jobs.

Attract More Clients for Long-Term

The second thing that you need to know in order to attract more clients is dealing with clients, creating a proposal, sending invoices and following up on payments. These are the important business operations that make you more professional but most of the freelancers fail here because it takes time and efforts.

So what is the solution?

Here we are going to introduce you with a great all-in-one freelancing solution for all creative freelancers that helps you to create a professional proposal, contracts, invoicing & much more and all take half of a freelancer’s time.

Meet Bonsai

Bonsai is an online freelancing platform that helps companies and independent talent work better together. It offers contracts written by well-recognized attorneys, smart invoices, and integrated payment solutions.

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Let’s dive into more Bonsai features…

Create Attractive Proposal

Start with creating and sending a professional looking proposal that attracts more clients. If you are creating and sending proposal normally through email with boring content than there are fewer chances you win the clients. The Proposal is an important thing that assists you and your clients better to make sure that you deliver the work to a right deadline & quality, and your clients pay you for that work.

Now, no more need to create a proposal from scratch.

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HelloBonsai offers you pre-written and customizable proposals so you can also make them fit for your business and gives tips along the way when making contract customizations to help advise you in the right direction of which option to choose.

Create professional-looking proposals in seconds.

Sending Contract

When your client accepts the proposal, a project is automatically generated and you are notified. Projects are places for you to house your hours, billing and contracts. The contract creation is a tricky part of freelance operations but HelloBonsai designed a simple tool to help freelancers draft professional contracts. You just need to complete few fill-in-the-blanks and your contract is ready to send.

Whether you are a designer, developer or any field that you serve, the system generates complete contract form templates written and reviewed by top lawyers. You can review the contract, edit more if required and e-sign online in second.

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Invoicing and Payments

The Bonsai automation doesn’t end here. This amazing system handles all your client payment communication, initial invoice delivery, payment reminders and recurring invoices.

Matt Brow – Founder of HelloBonsai says that 50% percent of freelancers are get paid late or not at all. So here Bonsai smart invoicing tool allows you to send custom build invoices and get paid faster. The invoicing tool is integrated with online payment options like PayPal, Stripe and Coinbase.The system set reminders to ensure on-time payments.

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Bonsai also allows you to check when a client has interacted with your invoice and notify you. These notifications can be beneficial when client miss the payment deadline.

Do More with Bonsai

Moreover, Bonsai have Time Tracking, Project Management, Reporting and Peace of Mind tools to use. In short a great all-in-one freelancing solution for all creative freelancers.

Say Hello Bonsai…

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HelloBonsai is really a great all-in-one freelancing tool designed to assist freelancers and agencies to focus more on their work.With the help of this tool, you can keep all your project’s contracts and billing in one place.

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