11+ Most Helpful Apps for School & College Students

One of the most significant challenges for modern students is how to reconcile technology all around us and studying that requires concentration. Everyone has a smartphone, many students have laptops, and its obvious tech won’t go away anytime soon.

There are smart ways to use technology and still study efficiently. If you use your gadgets to browse social media, you’ll probably fail in your study goals. That is why there are great apps for organizing, blocking distracting content, notes taking, and learning help like software specialized in math or dictionary.

We’ll go through some of the best apps for students.

Top Apps for Students

The whole point of technological advancements is to help people live better. The same can apply with apps for students. Whether you use to do list, apps for solving math problems or efficient note taking, great apps can make your student life more manageable.

Dragon Anywhere

The handy app allows you to dictate to the smartphone, and Dragon Anywhere will note down your words. You can dictate and edit documents with voice. It can come in handy during studying sessions, and once you take notes, they could be exported to other apps like Evernote. The downside is $15 per month price tag.

myHomework Student Planner

Among the many planner apps, myHomework stud out as one of the best homework app. You could track your homework, class schedule, and get reminders about an upcoming test. In the paid version, besides removing the ads, you can add file attachments and utilize third-party calendars.


Studying is one issue, and creating essays, papers, and dissertations whole another story. In overbooked student schedule, sometimes you just don’t have time for completing the assignments. In that case, you could pay to write essay on this online platform. Lack of time or writing talent doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

Stay focused

The primary goal for Stay focused app is to remove distractions from your mobile phone. You could even block all the apps until you whitelist them. The app will give you daily insights which will tell you on what app you waste the most time. For all Android using students that want to block social media and other distractions, this one is a must-have.


This is an app focused on the learning process. Different learning groups can connect over the app and discuss the subjects. In GoConqr you can make mind map, flashcards and quiz to test your knowledge on the topic.

MS Office

MS Office, or new more cloud-oriented Office 365 is still the best overall app that combines word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and other useful apps. MS Word, Excell, and note-taking OneNote are the best in the class and can be synced across platforms. Although they are paid apps, there are a lot of free academic licenses. A great alternative is entirely free Google Docs.


If you encounter any math problem between arithmetic to calculus, the most popular math learning app can help you understand a get step-by-step explanations. It has top of the market OCD software that can recognize handwriting and deliver solution instantly. The app includes a smart calculator, and it uses the graph to visualize math problems.

Istudiez Pro Legend

The app helps students keep track of schedule, assignments, and grades. The reminders will prevent you from missing homework or exam. It can be integrated into Google and other third-party Calendar apps.


If you use mind maps for learning, this is an app for you. The app can help you manage complex information, and with using organizational charts, it could increase efficiency. Once created mind maps could be exported to Evernote.


For a student that use flashcards for learning, this app can be invaluable. You can create cards by adding images and text, and there are also thousands of already made flashcards you can browse through.

Office Lens

If you need to take notes or capture the classroom material, with Lens, you could take a picture of a document, handwritten note or business card and get as a product only relevant information. The app crops background automatically.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Besides being a rich dictionary where you can learn the meaning of the word, hear its pronunciation and see the usage of the word in phrases and sentences, Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides you with a short history on the word’s origin. The app has a word of a day, and there are some word games included.

apps for students

There are plenty more useful apps for students from Todoist and Wunderlist for planning and keeping track of tasks, Scanner Pro for scanning documents, through Evernote, Google Keep and OneNote for notes.

Bottom line

Students walk on the fine line between being blessed with considerable help from extraordinary apps and the danger of being distracted from their work with other applications.

These college apps can help students be more organized, take quality notes, disable distractions with the app and website blockers, and even get help writing or solving math problems.

Digital transformation changed the business environment, and the same thing is happening to student life. As a student, you can now scan a document with your smartphone, turn it into a viable note, upload it to cloud storage like Dropbox and open it on any other platform. The convenience if used wisely, can increase the efficiency of a student, the same way all these great apps won’t mean a thing without will and determination to study.

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