Abandoned Cart Emails in 2020 (Examples + Templates)

You are running a well-established e-commerce store and may generate lots of profit every year, but there are still things you should aware of?

According to study done by Baymard, “61% of US online shoppers have abandoned a cart when they found out that the additional costs for their purchase were too high. 58.6% of respondents also said that they were abandoning a cart because they were not ready to buy yet”.

And a study by Statista, “The majority of shoppers decide against a purchase due to financial reasons. But a good portion leaves because the website crashed (24%) or timed out (15%). They put all that effort into picking out the items they intended to buy, but never finished due to reasons beyond their control”.

But, you should not worry about your losing sales. With one of the best tactic of email marketing called abandoned cart emails, you can still bring back, definitely not all but most of your gone clients. Attractive abandoned cart email template designs are the solution to recover your lost orders.

What are abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails are the short message which contains about abandoned their shopping carts in middle after adding item to their cart. Amazingly, abandoned cart emails are very creative sales recovery method.

By contacting a buyer via email to remind them of their abandoned cart, Peak Marketing was able to recover 12% of their supposedly “lost” sales, while a Salecycle study saw an amazing 29.9% recovery rate. More essentially, a convincing abandoned email cart design with a great copy can do wonders in your efforts to regaining lost sales.

Best Abandoned Cart Email Example to be Personal with Clients

From marketing experts, whenever we target a client by their first name or just with “You”, they are more likely to response for specific task. So, never miss this opportunity, to put targeted words into massages of you email.

ASOS is perfectly uses this tactic:

ASOS Abandoned Cart Email Example

Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples to Praise Clients

Everyone likes to hear their praise. Using the idea of Crate&Barrel, praise about the clients choice and write down the best talks such as; what a choice or you have a good taste to choice products and more tenses of appreciations.

Here is Abandoned Cart Email template by Crate&Barrel

Abandoned Cart Email template by Crate&Barrel

Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples to Surprise customers

Try to surprise and get attention of viewers of your abandoned cart email. May be it takes time to being creative and original with ideas for abandoned cart email. However it will sure pay off in the future.

Here is a eye catchy & interesting example from Ray-Ban:

Best Abandoned Cart Email examples to Surprise customers

Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples to Impress Clients Visually

With a stunning design your email can show up on top from tons messages. Talking about crafting a , visually-appealing abandoned cart email is not that difficult nowadays. You can utilize this tact to show your range of product in creative way.

And Glossybox just utilize this tact perfectly:

Best Abandoned Cart Email examples to impress clients visually

Best Abandoned Cart Email Examples to Offer Discount

According to statics, more than 50% of buyers abandon their carts, for the reason that they want some items to purchase for future. So, here a reminder comes handy tool equipped with an extraordinary coupon. Now instead of just offering normal price, say “there is special thing waiting for you in your cart”.

For example, “Visit back and get $20 saving” or “Get 10% off the items in your cart

Below is the example from Levis:

Best Abandoned Cart Email examples to offer discount

Best Abandoned Cart Email Template Cxample to Hurry customers

Now, that’s the other emotional method to create urgency into your clients. Remember, human minds are more likely to act the stats, if you say things like below;

Our special offer expires soon or Your cart is about to expire!!

Here is an example from Grove:

Best abandoned cart email template example to hurry customers

Best Abandoned Cart Email Template Example to Attract with Reviews

Old way of marketing to make trust of clients into your products. So, It will be a great move to include this tact into your abandoned cart email?

Just check Dollar Shave Club:

Best abandoned cart email template example to attract with reviews

Abandoned Cart Email Template Example to Remind about Product

After adding product into cart Customers may forget about their shopping carts very often. So, its completely on to you to remind them for buy.

J.Crew is totally serious about this matter

Best abandoned cart email template example to remind about product

Abandoned Cart Email Template Example to Get Attention

Having a character into your email will be good to grab the attention of users and create a sense of urgency. Animals always do the job perfectly.

For example, doggy loot

Best abandoned cart email template example to get attention

Abandoned Cart Email Template Example to Inflame Customers

Try to make your subject as thought- inflaming and click-inviting as possible. Whether we admit it or not, our human brains respond to:

Questions (Still can’t decide?) or Negatives (Don’t miss out, Don’t go)

Here are Abandoned Cart Email examples from Bonobos:

Best abandoned cart email template to inflame customers

Abandoned Cart Email Template Example to Contact Emotionally

The brand Adidas formed great abandonment cart email template that interacts with viewers. This simple motivational content just pumped up customers to finish their cart shopping before the product get out of stock.

Best Abandoned Cart Email examples to contact emotionally

Abandoned Cart Email Template Example to Thank Customers

Try to fell your customers special and comfortable. Make a good contact with your customer cart nicely and be polite with the people before starting any further business talk.

Below is the great “thank you” email from Pottery Barn kids:

Best Abandoned Cart Email example to Thank customers

Best Abandoned Cart Email Template

We have browsed through numbers of great abandoned cart email examples and after a long research we have put together best abandoned cart email examples to will assist you to bring your lost customers back again.

Talking about our Abandoned Cart Email template examples listing, we have listed Abandoned Cart Email Templates from the brands having different emotions and types of templates for a successful campaign.

Now, check them below:

Fresh Multipurpose Email Templates


Nearly 75% of online purchases not get finished. There are many reasons viewers or clients just leave your shopping website with no buying. But there you still have many possibilities to guide customers in the correct track of purchase.

By creating an attractive, automatic cart recovery email follow up sequence you can really show the path to visitors to get back to your site and then finish their purchase. The success ratio of money recovers completely on how you make a presentation of data and also mail the correct message at the correct time.

We that all, you may liked our guide best abandoned cart email template examples.

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