5 Great Tips to Attract Talented Gen Z UX Designers to Your Startup

While everyone is talking about the millennial workforce and how to bring to millennial talent to their companies, few actually realize that now’s the time for Gen Z-ers to take center stage. These are the young, talented minds that are coming out of college (or are deciding to start their careers straight out of high school), boasting a tremendous potential for professional growth – one they can directly use to take your company forward. Just imagine what you can do with a talented Gen Z-er in your team.

But you need to incentivize them to join your ranks first. And even though you can be partially successful with an amazing website, and a great set of marketing tactics, to get through to a Gen Z-er you will need to optimize your entire acquisition strategy. Today, we’ll be looking at the best and most effective tips that will help you inspire and incentivize Gen Z UX designers to join your brand, and stay at your side.

Find them where they hang out most

Members of the Gen Z demographics are all over the internet, but that doesn’t mean that you should post a job opening on Facebook and expect them to click on your ad, let alone apply for the position. Why? Because they just don’t care. As a business leader, it is up to you to spark their interest, but more importantly, approach them in the online places where they hang out most. This means that you have some meticulous research to tend to first.

Let’s see, these are young individuals, probably no more than 20 years of age, highly tech-savvy, on their way to become UX professionals. Chances are, they’re also big gamers. Great, there’s your first lead.

Instead of focusing solely on social media, for example, you can try to find them on gaming platforms and social hubs, such as Twitch, Azubu, or Hitbox. These and many other platforms have their dedicated chat rooms, notice boards, and direct messaging tools that allow you to get in touch, and spark their interest in your company.


Speak the language of the Z-ers

Before you post job ads or try to start up a conversation with a Gen Z-er, you first need to learn how to speak their language. That said, this doesn’t just mean learning the idiosyncrasies of the Gen Z dialect, it also means creating a balance between their language and your own. After all, there’s nothing worse than a millennial trying to appeal to a Gen Z-er by trying too hard to sound like them. Chances are that they will see right thought your strategy and blow you off instantly.

So, what does a Gen Z-er sound like? For one, Generation Z has a whole host of slang words. Be sure to learn all of them, not just thicc, lit, or gucci. You’ll need to weave these slang words into your content, blog posts, and job ads in order to make it more relatable and approachable. Aside from slang, you also have to change up your brand’s tone of voice. Make sure it’s highly informal, entertaining, and that it doesn’t focus solely on the job. For example, start your ad by tying a relevant social event, image, or meme into the post before getting to the point to spark their interest.

Connect with them in a personal way

All of this might seem a bit juvenile at first, especially if you’re not a Gen Z-er yourself, but just remember how the Boomers had to adapt their mindsets when the Millennials came to prominence. You simply have to adapt to the demographic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. With that in mind, you also have to prepare to meet potential employees at live events and talk to them in person.

You might find them at huge expos such as E3 or Gamescom, and provided that you have ordered a batch of truly unique-looking business cards online before the event, you might just create an opening to spark their interest and start a conversation about their career. No matter where you find them in the real world, though, it’s important to have three things at the ready at all times: your language and tone of voice, a good pitch, and beautiful business cards that stand out and show your brand’s creative side.

Show them the money

There’s a lot of talk in HR, marketing, recruitment, and sales circles on how to appeal to the millennial employee. If there is anything that most business leaders agree on, it’s that millennials don’t care as much about financial compensation as they care about the company’s culture, brand values, a healthy workplace, and the various perks you provide to keep them healthy and happy. Sure, Gen Z-ers care about these things as well, but not as much as they care about money and reward programs.

competitive salary

Quite simply, you have to show them the money to get their attention. So stop using common sentences such as “competitive salary” in your job ads and social media posts, because that means nothing to a Gen Z-er. Well, not nothing, they’ll just think you want to underpay them. Instead, be open about their salary as well as the salary’s growth potential in the long term.

Education and long-term growth

And finally, if there is anything that Millennials and Gen Z-ers have in common, it’s a shared passion for personal and professional development. If your company doesn’t have a comprehensive employee development program, you stand little chance of attracting them to your brand, let alone keeping them around for long. Keep in mind that UX design and the tech industry, in general, are evolving constantly, and it is your responsibility to provide your young employees with the education and training necessary to take their skills and careers to the next level.

Wrapping up

Gen Z-ers are quickly rising to prominence in the modern business world and now’s the chance to capitalize on that talent. Follow these tips, implement them into your employee acquisition strategy, and watch as Gen Z-ers actually start to give a damn about your brand.

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