5 Best Online Places to Buy Handcrafted iPad Sleeve

Owning an Apple product is luxury at its finest. However, a person needs to have a case to protect the item from cracking or breaking if it falls. One should get a case or sleeve that meets their demand and fully expresses their personality. At the back of one’s mind, they might consider having a slim, lightweight and durable material that makes opening and closing the sleeve a seamless process. There are various online sites that one can select their preference based on color, presence, and position of Apple pencil holder, extra pockets and closing mechanism.

handmade ipad sleeve

Below are some of the online sites worth considering:

1. Etsy

If you like vintage and handmade goods, this is definitely the site to search for handcrafted iPad sleeves. It’s a great marketplace where people around the world sell and buy unique products. A person interested in a personalized case and sleeves can follow the sellers’ remarks to place their order. There are various shops that offer genuine leather custom engraved iPad sleeves and nature-inspired images printed on cases among others.

2. Amazon

This platform recently landed a deal with Apple to offer the iPad and its accessories in the authorized reseller channel. If you already have an account with Amazon, you can start searching for handcrafted iPad sleeves on Amazon Handmade section. Individual artists sell their products to order. To have a customized iPad case or sleeve one can search for a localized Amazon store within their country. Here you will get cases and sleeves with custom prints according to your wish. There is floral or watercolor art, and you can get custom initials engraved to your case.

3. Best buy

Some prices aren’t too friendly. While selecting sites with reduced prices one can consider checking out best buy. Here, a person gets a range of iPad accessories at reduced prices. This is because a person can find unbranded products that go for almost half the price of branded accessories.

4. My custom case

Here, one can create their customized iPad sleeve. It narrows down the endless possibilities that one might have thus making decision-making simpler and not confusing. A person can select one of the 100 artworks, then pick a few background color variants, fonts and emblem designs. All cases and sleeves are solid folio designs that come ready for text personalization.

5. Too good cases

Due to different personalities, one might feel the need a crazier personalized case. You may feel that the standard black or brown model is not just for you, why not look at Too Good cases? Here, you will get handmade iPad sleeves. The biggest advantage is that you will get a vast selection of designs consisting of different colors of the front, closing strap, and shell. You can choose to personalize each sleeve with an inscription.


Don’t stick to the old and boring cases and sleeves in the market. It’s important to spice up life and have a case that tells more about you. The online sites named above offer creativity combined with convenience and innovation. While going for different cases and sleeves one should get quality products within their price range. You don’t have to break the bank to have a cool handmade sleeve. Have a case or sleeve that is elegant within your budget.

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